Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng Aftermath

Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng Aftermath

Ondoy was a typhoon that they thought was weak. However, Ondoy was only weak in terms of wind strength but it carried with him loads of rainwater which flooded Luzon especially Marikina, Taguig, Rizal and other places.

With the damage caused by Pepeng, people panicked once again when it was declared that another typhoon, Pepeng is coming in 6 days after Ondoy. With Pepeng’s wind strength, they classified it as a super typhoon and people were in a state of panic (panic buying, panic evacuation, panic relocation).

However, here in the metro (Manila), for Pepeng, we had a few drizzles here and there, sometimes it would rain hard for like five minutes then nothing else. It was pretty cloudy. After all those preparations we did, I felt that the announcement of Pepeng for Manila etc was over hyped. I’m not saying it was overhyped for other places because Pepeng was destroying houses, uprooting trees and doing some bad-ass damage in the places it landed, but for Manila, it was just a simple rain here, rain there.

Good news! Since Pepeng was hardly felt in Manila, people can go back to relief operations to save the victims of Ondoy. Ah yes, if you want to know more of the relief operations, see the link.

Help Ondoy Victims

I’m really hoping that as Filipinos, we will learn something new on Ondoy and Pepeng.

  1. Stop fingerpointing – This is usually the first thing that happens when something bad happens. People would like to know who can they pinpoint the blame too and then precious newspaper space is wasted for days due to the fingerpointing. Our politicians are very good at this because they can involve the media, deliver priviledge speeches and other one liners to put the blame on somebody.
  2. Global Warming – Baah this one again. For every typhoon, tsunami, earthquake, rising water, they blame it on (see point one) on Global Warming. Who causes Global Warming? Humans! So, who can we blame overall? Humans. Global warming.. pffft….
  3. Garbage everywhere – I’m sure this is a more better reason for the floods rather than say it’s global warming. Look around you and look at the flood. The things you see floating aside from people and furnitures are trash that the same people throw around just anywhere. Don’t they know what a trashcan looks like. A lot of Filipino’s simply throw their trash just anywhere thinking that it is a big trash can. What happens when it rains? It all goes back to them big time.

Some good articles to read :

Flooding in Metro: Who’s to blame – Human error (corruption, mentality, government). This is a study that has been done to analysis why we get flooded.

These are just some of my opinions so if you don’t agree with it, well, I can’t force you. ^_^

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  1. yeah right, we must go hand in hand in facing the consequences and in finding cure as well as in building walls of prevention…

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