UAAP Season 70 – 5th Showdown – DLSU defeats ADMU

The final showdown for UAAP Season 70 between ADMU (Ateneo de Manila University) and DLSU (De La Salle University) was concluded last sunday where DLSU emerged victorious.

Game Synopsis
It was a great game because both teams are fighting for their dear life. The team who loses will automatically get third place while the winner will face off with UE for the championship. For the first three quarters, the battle was very close. DLSU would take a four to five point lead at some time but ADMU would always bounce back. However, in the fourth quarter, DLSU started to get away from ADMU through the heroics of Pocholo “Pochy” Villanueva. He made several big shots that shattered ADMU’s hopes in winning a championship this season.

There was a time where DLSU only had a five point lead and the ball was in Chris Tiu’s hands. Knowing that Chris Tiu is ADMU’s three point specialist, DLSU guarded him like hell that he was forced to pass the ball to Baclao standing beyond the arc. Baclao shot the ball and it went in. The ADMU crowd went wild and I was hoping that it won’t be a dejavu of the last game since the situation is very similar (DLSU leading then ADMU rallies to win the game) However, Pocholo made a side jumper and Casio sank his free throws that erased ADMU’s hope for a comeback. In the end, DLSU wins over ADMU and will go on to fight UE for the championship! Go go Lasalle! Pochy power!

More of a personal rant after this line…

Process of buying tickets

This is the first time where I had to line up in a very long line just to buy tickets. We waited for 7 hours at the Blue Eagle Gym just to know that the upper box tickets were sold out and only general admission tickets were available. We also got to know about the incompenten of the security force in preventing (darn) people from cutting in line. Also, the purchasing process takes too long. It takes you about one minute or more from the moment you show up at the counter until you get your ticket.

Quest for the Upper box tickets

My friends were not satisfied with the GA tickets so we scoured around for scalpers. We used multiply, asked friends and whoever that we can find just to buy some upper box tickets. In the end, we managed to get upper box tickets from scalpers. There were really a lot of people lining up just to buy tickets however all the tickets got sold out. We even became temporary scalpers because we sold our GA tickets bwahaha ^_^

Is two greater than three?

Ateneo and Lasalle had five matches this season and Lasalle only managed to win twice. However, with those two wins, Lasalle has a chance to win the championship while Ateneo has to settle with third place. So this brings the question, is two greater than three?

Personally, although DLSU only managed to win twice, they won the games where it dealt the most damage to ADMU and also the same games where something very big is on the line. DLSU’s first win against ADMU was a match to determine who will have the twice to beat advantage between the two. DLSU’s second win was to determine who will face off against UE for the championship. So 2 > 3 is true in terms of quality but wrong in terms of quantity.

Cheers, Insults, bashing etc…

I had a lot of fun listening to the chants of both sides. However, not all the chants are cheers. Once in a while, ADMU would cheer, “SUSPENDED” (referring to DLSU’s suspension last season due to an illegitimate player) and “WRONG SPELLING” (refering to DLSU Pep Squad’s big boo boo last cheerdance competition where they mispelled lasalle into vlsalle [V for inverted A]). Since both of these taunts are true, I don’t react much but simply accept them. DLSU’s cheer is just a simple, “BEAT ATENEO! ANIMO LASALLE!” since they don’t have anything to point against ADMU.

However, in terms of the banners, I think DLSU did the most damage to ADMU. There was a group of fans who manage to acquire Ateneo’s banner and vandalized it. It was supposed to say Ateneo De Manila University but they painted “BEAT” in green on the top of the banner. There was also a big banner where it shows the school’s ranking where DLSU was ranked higher than ADMU. It goes something like, “392 .. 488 … nuf said“. ADMU’s only reaction to it was “WRONG SPELLING” since “nuff said” is the usual spelling for that.

I have heard that the explanation for ADMU’s low ranking when compared to DLSU and UP is because ADMU does not have a lot of published papers. It is said that ADMU does not require their faculty to write papers that will be published so they have only a small number of published papers when compared to DLSU and UP.

Ending Notes

So there, I have poured out my thoughts on this matter. Any reactions (violent or not) are welcome. Please understand that I’m from DLSU so what I wrote may be biased for DLSU although I tried to be neutral while writing this. hehe GO LASALLE!!! haha

Quote from Deryk, “Poch is the MAN!

Note: This post is an experiment on how I can use other topics to drive traffic to the blog. ^_^

13 thoughts on “UAAP Season 70 – 5th Showdown – DLSU defeats ADMU

  1. haha 7 hours na pila para sa General Admissions ticket? kahit sa Araneta makakabili ka game day mismo na walang pila. hahahaha 🙂

    1. oh? For the ADMU-DLSU game? hehe baka ibang game yan. ^_^ ung iba nga, umaga plg pumipila na.hehe D nmn talaga GA ung habol namin.. un nga lang, naubos ung other tickets.. disapointing nga eh. not worth the wait.

  2. Hahahaha… ANIMO -> Ateneo claims the rights for this word. hehehe… have you read the Harry potter in ateneo? hehehehe… i saw it on multiply. Go fight blue and white. babawi ang ateneo. (next time maybe)

  3. Good analysis. However, you must remember ADMU doesn’t have a complete line-up of regular courses such as accounting, engineering, etc. In comparison UP and DLSU has them and more including Transaltion Management for the latter.

    So how do you rank them “fairly”?

    The Professional Regulation Commission brought out their own ranking based on percentages of passing the board exams. You’d be surprise with the results too. ADMU can easily used that to counter their arch rival’s ranking rantings. Even Ateneo-Davao bested ADMU!!!!!!

    Without being biased, since I’m neither from both schools, just by observation, kids give priority in going into UP (1st), ADMU (2nd) DLSU (if they can’t get into UP or ADMU)

    1. Hi Rey, thank you for your insight. I just would like to comment on your last line. I agree with your observation of the children’s preferences. One reason for that is the tuition fees. If you would look at it, UP is the cheapest of the three and DLSU is the most expensive.

      Also, children are being exposed to jokes that DLSU students are dumb or “bobo”, so the natural tendency is to avoid it else they might be considered dumb too. 😀

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