UAAP Season 71 – ADMU vs DLSU and Scalpers

In just a few hours away, the Ateneo Blue Eagles and the De La Salle Green Archers will face off for Game 2 of the UAAP Season 71 finals. Game 1 has been snatched by ADMU so will they complete the sweep against DLSU or will DLSU bounce back in order to lengthen the series to Game 3?

UAAP Season 70

Last year, I was following the games and was able to watch some of the games live. I was able to see Ateneo defeat UST, La Salle defeat ADMU and La Salle sweeping UE in the finals to become champions. But with the departure of Pocholo and TY, can DLSU still manage to hold on to their championship? or will they bow to Ateneo? Will blue be the color this year in the UAAP?

That was a lot of questions but my real concern for this post is really on how hard it is to acquire tickets and how scalpers can take advantage of these tickets.

Overpriced game tickets

Normally, you can get tickets for less than Php500 only. Even the best seat in the house (Patron) is priced at PHP325. The cheapest ticket would be General Admission that is being sold at Php55 only. The value of these tickets should stay the same regardless of who’s fighting but for some reason, if it is Ateneo vs Lasalle and especially if it is the UAAP finals, you can really see these prices jack up to more than 10x, 20x or even 100x than their original price.

I’ve been reading some advertisements (ebay, multiply, and found a lot of outrageous prices for these supposedly cheap tickets. Check out this ebay search for UAAP and you will see what I mean.

  • Gen Ad tickets being sold at around PHP200-PHP300 each
  • Upper B tickets being sold at around PHP800-PHP1000 each
  • Upper A tickets being sold at around PHP2000-PHP4000 each
  • I’m not sure on the selling price for Lower box tickets
  • Patron tickets being sold at around PHP8000-PHP25000 each

Desperate fans

You know what makes these jack up prices possible? It is the die-hard fans who are willing to shell out their allowances or hard-earned money just to see the games of their Alma Mater. It is simply the law of supply and demand. Those who have the tickets know that the demand for them is very high but with limited supplies so they increase the prices knowing that people will still buy them. The fans of these two schools are that desperate to see them face off live.

This is something I could not understand. If it was me, I’ll go line up at ticket outlets to buy tickets but if I could not get any tickets, I will not go to such extremes as to buy from scalpers. I’d simply go home and watch it in the television. Well, people would say that the experience is different and I know it is. I have watched a DLSU-ADMU game live and it was really exciting to say the least but, still, buying those overpriced tickets isn’t practical at all. I wish somebody who buys from scalpers would tell me why they do it.

Let’s get in on to Game 2!

Good luck Ateneo! Good luck La Salle. I really hope La Salle wins else it would be really embarassing although things doesn’t look to good for the green archers.

11 thoughts on “UAAP Season 71 – ADMU vs DLSU and Scalpers

  1. Animo La Salle! I want the greens to win this fight to live another day!

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  2. @Ling: it’s basically a college basketball league… La Salle and Ateneo are universities competing for a basketball reigning supremacy… the two universities’ rivalry is as old as the UAAP itself… dates back 71 years ago!!! so, this is reigning for basketball supremacy… unfortunately, allen’s team a.k.a. school, la salle, did not win this year’s league… ateneo defeated la salle in game 2… so, allen is a bit in a trauma state right now… let us just understand his temporary hiatus… 😛

    — spokesperson to allen of silkenhut, YATOT

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  3. right on! I’ve heard many issues also regarding the tickets being sold to alumni first, well then now that it’s all over… I’m just fine not having to watch it either live or on TV lol. and btw, have you heard of the bonfire of ADMU and how they burned the names of La Salle Team.. really school wars are serious now.. tsk tsk tsk

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  4. @Yatot – Lol. Thanks for filling up for me. I wasn’t in a trauma. I admit it was disappointing but you could really see ADMU winning in Game 2. oh well, next year then. 😛

  5. @Hannah – Sold to alumni first? I’m not really sure but in the alumni office of DLSU, those who have lifetime alumni cards are given priority and have the chance to get Upper A tickets. I could’nt watch it live or in tv and had to rely on a sports live blog to see what is happening . Lol. 🙂

    Hmm yes, I saw the pictures yesterday. The sticks they have the names of the DLSU players. I think it has gone down to personal level? It’s going to add more fuel to the rivalry I’m sure. 🙂

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