Memory Foam Pillow: Unboxing my new Pillows

Unboxing my new Somnia Contour Pillows 

Thanks to; I was able to buy new pillows.

Only P384 for 1 Somnia Memory Foam Contour Pillow at Unique Novelties & Toys Corporation (valued at P768)

Have you heard about contour pillows or better known as a memory foam pillow ? I usually see these pillows in home tv shopping and I got curious about the claims it says. Sample claims are to give you better sleep, prevent snoring, prevent stiff neck and other things. I did not consider them before because they were expensive (costs thousands of pesos) though I admit, it made me curious what it feels like.

When we were at Eastwood Libis, (we ate at cookbook kitchen btw), I saw these pillows again and even a bed mattress made of memory foam (memory foam mattress). Since I was curious, I tried it out. I laid on the bed and relaxed. First thing I noticed is that, it isn’t hard or soft because it doesn’t push back on you when you lay on it. It simple follows your shape. They also showed a sample comparison between memory foam pillow and normal pillow.

I checked the prizes and whoa! 5000+ just for one pillow… That made me wonder how much the mattresses costs.

So when I saw this deal in Ensogo, I bought one to satisfy my curiosity. The travel was far because it was way up north (near SM North Edsa) and I had trouble finding it too but once I brought it home, I tried it out for my sleep yesterday.

The effect on me after one night of using the memory foam pillow.

I deleted my earlier review of this as I wanted to give it a longer time of trying it out before reviewing it 🙂


Ensogo Somnia Memory Foam Pillow 3

What about you? Have you tried sleeping with a memory foam pillow?

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