Unilab Run United 1 2011

Unilab Run United 1 2011

March 6, 2011

After doing running 3k last February 6, 2011 (Condura run for the Dolphins), I returned to 10k running for Unilab Run United 1 2011. This run costs PHP600 and for that you will get a singlet, a pouch filled with Unilab products and upon finishing the race, you will also receive a Unilab bag with more freebies. However, compared to the last time I joined Unilab in 2010, they did not provide a finisher shirt.

The race has been held in The Fort (the usual venue of the races I join), and this is the first time that I really pushed myself to just run and run. I was motivating myself to simply go and I kept on repeating the chant of Shaunt T from his Insanity video, “go yoh!“.  I only paused around 5x (4 to get water, then 1 because my shoelaces got untied). Aside from those 7-10second breaks, I simply ran in a slower yet more consistent pace that I usually do and because of that, I was happy to see my time when I reached the last corner. I even sprinted on the last stretch just to improve my time for a few seconds. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it since it has been three weeks or so since I stopped doing insanity which was like my daily cardio training. I was very red like a tomato when I finished the race.

My time improved from 1hr 10min  27 sec (Adidas KOTR 2010) to 1hr 04min 35sec (Unilab Run United 1 2011). That is a 5min and 52sec improvement! I am nearing my goal of running 10k in around or less than an hour. However, if I check the official results, I am still very far away from the top runners who ran 10k in just around 30+ minutes (whoa Machines!) ! I’m in 762nd place out of 2593 10k male runners! LoL

Anyway, it was a good run and I’m proud of my results. Till the next Unilab run! 🙂

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