Unknown packet – 02AE – OpenKore Error Fix


Whenever I run openkore, I get this error, “Unknown packet – 02AE“. What can I do to fix this error? I want use ragnarok bot.


This is an error that was occurring to people who wants to bot in Valkyrie server in the pRO. This is due to the new implementation of encrypted packets for the game.


Here’s what you can do.

  1. Go to the Tables folder in your openkore program. (Example: C:\openkore-\tables)
  2. Rename recvpackets.txt to recvpackets_old.txt
  3. Rename recvpackets-pro.txt to recvpackets.txt

It should work after that. Enjoy botting!


Just to remind you that botting in ragnarok can get your account suspended or banned. So bot at your own risk. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Unknown packet – 02AE – OpenKore Error Fix

  1. why?? it doest work!! ive change and follow all of the requirements..but why??? whats wrong..when i start the program it
    says “” Unable to load the File”” ??

  2. plz send me a valid and useful config plzzz..im getting rid of it..damn!! ive already change the file names..but why?? why isn’t working

  3. @co0lette – Hey, relax. First of all, what seems to be the problem? If it is because of the “Unknown Packet – 02AE” error, it’s because you made a mistake in renaming the recvpackets.txt file from the Tables Folder or you haven’t renamed them at all. Read the instructions again above CAREFULLY and make sure you do every step CORRECTLY because renaming the recvpackets.txt file is very essential for OpenKore to work in Valkyrie Server. Now, if you’re problem is the “Unable to load file” error, Sir Allen made a special topic regarding this error so it would be wise to check that topic. If you’re having trouble finding that topic this link would direct you to it: http://silkenhut.com/openkore-error-unable-to-load-file/

    Hope that helps, and if the same problem occurs, KINDLY let us know. We would be glad to help so please, relax. ^_^

  4. help! what do i doto fix the 10061 error. do i have this error because im using vista? reply asap

  5. Bkt ganun? pag nag lolog-in ako may lumalabas na Unknown Packet – 0000…
    PA HELP NAMAN PO….gumagana naman ung bot pag BOY ung CHAR pag GIRL lumalabas ung UNKNOWN PACKET -0000 plz HELP…

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