Chikka Unlimited Text Technique

Chikka Unlimited Text Technique

How to enable unlimited text (SMS) via Chikka?

My phone plan is unlimited to Globe calls and text only so whenever I text a number that is not a Globe number, I have to pay so my answer to this is…

Unlimited Texting via

In Chikka, you can register for an account and start texting your friends immediately. However, Chikka requires your friends to reply to your chikka text message (costs PHP2.50) else you won’t be able to text anymore (they even label you a spammer). So what will you do?

Will you create a lot of bogus account to be able to send 5 messages per account? Or will you do this unlimited text via Chikka trick that I will share to you in a bit.

To remove the limit from Chikka, here is what you can do.

  1. Delete your friend’s number from your chikka account
  2. Add your friend again
  3. Continue texting until you get the error message from Chikka
  4. Repeat step 1

See how easy was that? Now let’s enjoy unlimited texting!

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19 thoughts on “Chikka Unlimited Text Technique

  1. hahahah! ok will do that!

  2. can ask your friend to reply only once..and then its gonna be unlimited on your side..

    • that will cost them PHP2.50 and we tried it a few minutes ago. It was weird that they already replied but Chikka still stopped me and had the nerve to call me a spammer lol.

  3. maybe because of your text&delete method..i usually get thru with the usual method..from a one time cost of cheater..

  4. that trick really works, im using that one. lol

  5. It is kinda hard thing to do that every now and then. Try yohootext and enjoy unlimited text to any network using YM.

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  7. nice! its working! ^^V thanks!

  8. You can also try to send unlimited free text messages to anyone in the Philippines. It is also working on roaming sims.

  9. Maria Carmela Roa says:

    wow it's working! I love it…thnx chikka for connecting people.

  10. gumAGANA ba to kung nasa internet lng ang chikka?

  11. it doesn,t work for me,,,my txtm8 cannot recieve my latest sms though I can send.

  12. Mia Felarca Zamora says:

    it;s not working =(.

  13. Mia Felarca Zamora says:

    it works once but in the second time, it's not working anymore why? why?

  14. Rhea Mendoza says:

    Is it true unlimited text/reply has ended last july 2,2012?

  15. E mahal naman sila mgreply…wla ba unli txt sa chikka? Di na sila maka reply kc mahal.


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