Updating IPAD to IOS 6 and iPad Backup Error (-5000) Solution

Updating IPAD to IOS 6 and iPad Backup Error (-5000) Solution

Updating IPAD to IOS 6 and iPad Backup Error (-5000) Solution

Two years ago, my parents bought an Ipad 2 for Christmas and it was still on IOS 4. When IOS 5 came out, I tried to update their IPAD to that but we were having troubles with iTunes so we got stuck. This year IOS 6 got introduced and I again tried my luck in updating their Ipad and I was successful!

How to update/upgrade your Ipad to a new IOS 6?

From what I’ve read, there are two ways.. via iTunes or via Wi-Fi. I opted for the iTunes way so that backups can be made prior to the update/upgrade.

  1. Connect your Ipad to your computer and launch iTunes.
  2. If your ITunes version is not up to date, it will ask you to update iTunes first.
  3. ITunes will automatically detect that a new OS is available. Choose download and install.
  4. Just wait for it to finish and welcome to the world of IOS 6.

In case you run into this error just like we did…

An error occurred while backing up this ipad (-5000).
Would you like to continue to update this iPad?
Continuing will result in the loss of all contents on this iPad.

… do not continue because that will nullify the reason why we opted to update via iTunes instead; for a backup to be done prior to updating.

So I did more research and the solution was very simple (although many complained about why it needs to be done but it works).

To resolve ipad error (-5000), you need to disable your anti virus while updating.

To some, this might be a WTF solution but it has been proven by many that it works. As long as you don’t do anything on your computer (less risk of getting a virus while vulnerable), you will be fine. It will only take around 30-45 minutes at most.

Enjoy your newly updated/upgraded Ipad!

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PS: ah yes..it’s great to be back writing blog posts after nearly 3 weeks of hiatus.

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