Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Perhaps you are wondering, what do I give to that special someone on Valentine’s day? Well, don’t worry as I will try to provide you suggestions for that.

Let us start with….

Flowers – The most common and easiest gift you can give. Prepare for super jacked up prices though… As an additional read, visit a separate post on rose color meanings to have an idea what you should give.

Chocolates – Another item that would make your special someone happy. Bonus points if she loves chocolate and you manage to buy her favorite one shaped like a heart.

Teddy Bears – They are usually an add-on to flowers and chocolates but they can be good on their own. Make sure they are cute and cuddly.

Jewelry – They love shiny things right? This requires knowledge of her tastes and favorites.

Comestics/Perfume – This requires knowledge of her tastes and favorites.

Romantic Dinner for Two – This gift requires a lot of preparation as you will need to pick a nice place, make reservations in advance, a fight against traffic, and everything! You might get stressed on the preparations but it will be worth it.

Serenade – If you are able to play a musical instrument then practice and play before her. Bonus again if you can play her favorite song! Else, pay someone else to do it or just sing acapella. It’s the thought that counts and at least you tried.

Massage/Spa – Maybe she is stressed or she is working even on Valentine’s day (especially since Valentine’s usually falls on a weekday). What would be a better way than to give her a self-pamper package so she can relax, unwind and recharge her batteries.

Lingerie – Oh my! If you are that sure, I dare you!

What else? Well, I’m sure you can think up of more gifts ideas with your own way but you can treat these as a starting point. For most of the items here, you can either buy on shops or order valentine’s gifts online!

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PS: I forgot to mention but a valentine’s card or a personalized letter can go a long way.

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