Want to win a free wordpress blog hosting?

Want to win a free wordpress blog hosting?

LoL, this has been old news but since there are still two weeks left for the contest, let me post it here…

at TheWeblogZone, a lucky blogger can win his very own wordpress blog by doing the following things.

  • I believe you should have a blog in blogger
  • Subscribe to their feeds
  • and write a post why you want to win the contest.

The requirements looks easy considering these are the prizes.

  • One year WordPress hosting with BlueHost
  • Your own domain name (subject to availability)
  • Thesis Premium WordPress Theme
  • WordPress, Thesis Theme and essential WordPress plugins installations
  • Thesis theme customization including a custom banner, header and logo

One month free support + 30 minutes telephone support (I’ll do the calling)

So if I were you, I’d make that post right away. ^_^

Source Post : http://theweblogzone.com/win-wordpress-blog.html

5 thoughts on “Want to win a free wordpress blog hosting?

  1. Nice contest, Allen. Almost makes me want to enter, but I wouldn’t know what to do with the blog – if I won. But I’ve never won anything in my life yet…

  2. This is an enticing contest knowing I have a blogger account and the wordpress free blog hosting as a price.

    I guess I must be thinking what to write for my contest piece now.

    Thanks for sharing about it.


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