Waxdaddy Full Car Detailing Review

Waxdaddy Full Car Detailing Review

Waxdaddy Full Car Detailing Review

Thanks to Ensogo.com; I was able to avail of this great deal at a very low price.

P1499 1 Session (Valued at P3500), valid for 3 months, from May 21 to August 21, 2012.

Only 1.5k for a full detailing session that includes interior, exterior and engine detailing. This is such a great bargain! Quoting the owner himself, “I won’t gain any profit from this deal. This is like giving it away for free.” and I would really agree to that. But why is it that only 27 people availed of this deal? Oh well, too bad for them!

The first time I had a full detailing was back in July 2011 and after that experience, I wanted to make this a yearly habit. So a year later, I’m glad I found a deal from Ensogo that offers exactly what I needed to make it happen.

I went to Waxdaddy around 730am and I was able to get my car at around 430pm in the afternoon. Although it started raining hours later, I was happy that it didn’t rain during the time where they were working on it up to the point that I retrieved the car. At least, I was able to marvel at the cleanliness even for just a bit. Now, in terms of exterior shininess, there’s a difference in shine because they didn’t buff it from what I understand. However, it didn’t matter much to me because I really wanted was the interior detailing and the engine detailing (first time) and that didn’t disappoint. My interiors were a mixture of black and red and the engine was simply black, nearly like new.

Let’s just say that WaxDaddy gained a happy customer!


Waxdaddy’s Garage

60-62 P. Florentino St., Banawe, Quezon City


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