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I have been with Philhosting for nearly three months and I had my shares of ups and downs while using their services. Right now, I would like to give a review on based on my experience. I have been ranting in rage in the past before due to their unannounced downtimes. If you were to scan my blog for anything Philhosting, it would return results that are saying negative things about them. I wish to correct it by writing a review based on their services while not in rage (hehe).

This review is unpaid and is based on my experiences only. This review will focus on three main topics which are (1) pricing, (2) support and (3) services.


Back when I was pissed off at PhilHosting’s frequent downtimes, I looked around the web for alternative Philippine web hosters and tried to compare their plans to know which host is cheaper. I used PhilHosting’s prices as a comparison. When computing for the prices, I compared the price of the plan versus the features that plan offers such as webspace, bandwidth, and a tally of their features (a checklist of some sort). Also, I only used the Linux Hosting plans since I was on Linux Hosting in Philhosting.

Based on what I have tallied, Philhosting is cheaper than the rest of the competition. This is a good bargain for anyone who wants a cheap but feature-rich webhosting. Given 200mb of space and 5gb bandwidth per month is a good deal for bloggers for only P50/month.


My first experience with Philhosting’s websupport was when I bought my domain and web space from them. When I logged into my CPANEL, I noticed that I was only given 500mb instead of the 5gb that was supposed to be allocated to me. I sent a support ticket and a few hours later, it was fixed.

My second experience was when my cpanel login had bugs in it. Once again, I sent a support ticket asking for advice/help on that matter and their support team replied fast (from minutes to a few hours). I remember sending the first ticket at 1100pm and I got a reply one hour later. They are very responsive in their support and also helpful. In terms of support, I give them two thumbs up for their fast responses. Also, I have to commend on the quality of their responses, the responses came from a real person (you won’t get an automatically generated reply from a bot or something).


Uptime! What’s the use of having cheap prices and fast customer support if you can’t open your own blog right? A lot of webhosting companies use uptime as their selling points. Some boast on their 99.9% skin germ protection uptime which basically means that it’s super rare to get downtimes. This is something that I wish Philhosting would also boast on. Philhosting has had numerous downtimes especially last September 2007 (which I experienced). I heard that Philhosting had more downtimes last summer (chismis hihi). One of my fellow bloggers, JP aka Elmo, asked them about it and Philhosting answered that they were upgrading their services thus the downtimes everyone encountered.

If you look at it, upgrading their services would be good for the clients but it would have been better if they left a note telling us that there will be a scheduled downtime. Karlo even left Philhosting because of the downtimes last September 2007. Now, for their services that they offer such as their CPANEL and FANTASTICO, I’m quite impressed. They are quick to upgrade (thus downtimes) their softwares to the latest version thus they can prevent some security issues that can be found in the previous versions.


Based on the three points that I have mentioned which are prices, support and services, you can see that it was on services only where I was disappointed. In terms of prices, you get a good deal and when you encounter problems, you are sure to get a fast and personal response. Now if only they will send out notices when they will be having downtimes so that we, as their clients, will not go ballistic and curse them for their downtimes. ^_^

Hope you enjoyed my review of

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  1. tara na kc, lipat na. ehehe.

    also, they answered my email before and they said they “added a new server” daw kaya nagkaroon ng unannounced downtime. Salamat sa linky-dinky.

  2. Unfortunately, I’m still disappointed with philhosting due to their lack of responses (like you said). I can’t even email using my own domain!

    Even if they are making fixes, they should post it up their site and not leave everyone in the dark. These days, everyone needs transparency. Lots of bandwidth is pretty useless if nobody can do anything with it.

    1. @Allen Gurrea, Because we do not cram accounts on shared servers, we have set sites-per-server ratios for each level of our service: Personal, Blog & Business. These ratios are based on careful analysis and years of research by our technical operations gurus. In addition, we are continually upgrading our hardware platforms to be among the best in the industry.

      About the bandwitdth, we bet your blog cannot consume 1 TB bandwitdth in a month, so we are giving 1TB bandwitdth as starting bandwitdth, if you can consume that, we will add more. And we are giving away 30 days free demo to test our hosting to really try our offer.

      Thank you.

  3. Phil Hosting Sucks Big Time. We purchased an annual plan for the period december 2008 to december 2009, This February the site was down and they adviced us to purchase their new “zero downtime plan”. So we did and when we asked about our files on the old plan they said that it was REMOVED, DELETED, cannot recover!! Can you believe this totally unprofessional company. Our site is hosting a vbulletin board and all our database records are lost. We confronted them and guess what, they told us that our files were our responsiblity, Great so how can we recover the files if the server was down!

    Damn you Phil Hosting!

    If you were to choose a host stay away from Phil Hosting, it will save you a lot of trouble

  4. I myself was a victim of this company, I was duped by this company last year when I decided to transfer my domain registration with them from another domain registrar based in US. Please see the link below regarding my rant on this company.

    They didn’t even say or feel sorry for their mistake and they don’t even have the courtesy to inform their clients on a timely manner that the service we requested from them was unsuccessful, I felt being duped, ripped off or scammed.

    Normands last blog post..The Unreliable

  5. Dont ever subscribe to you will regret it.

    They have more down time than up times.

    They accedentaly deleted my database and my project got backtracked for 2 months because they dont have backups. If you want your site to have backup they will ask you to upgrade your account to a better one with backup eventhou tis standard to have backups if your a hosting company.

    Sagot saken ng techsupport on the phone when somone finally answered the phones after 2 days calling, “sir relax lang kayo hindi lang naman kayo and naburahan nd website ehh madami kayo” WTF is that?? Is that proper tech support.

    Worst techsupport, doesnot answer email sent more than 4 emails when my site was down no one answers back, it will take them more than 3days to 1 week to answer.

    Phone support sucks also.. Philhost keeps their phone on hang everytime they have server problems so that they wont have to answer clients calls. Ive experienced this more than 5 times in less than 6 months.

    Philhost sucks … bigtime dont ever trust this hostin company.

  6. Basically, shared hosting is good enough, for 90% of websites. Dedicated servers are a lot better, but they are at least 10 times more expensive. Good idea. Web hosting reviews really help you save time and make the best choice when it comes to web hosting.

    You know how many different web hosting services are available online, so I understand you may be confused when you search for the best.

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    There 3 key factors you want to know when choosing your hosting to save time and money.

  7. You tried, they failed. Seems right and fair on moving out. Though, we’ve made a few post on basis for choosing local web host around here

    Our business could be new to you but we are not new on this field and expertise.

    We even pay your domain registration and yearly domain renewal just for you to try our 30-day money back guarantee with 99.9% guaranteed uptime and sign up with us. Get 20% off on yearly payment is only part of our aim to provide a long lasting client relationship to local clients and abroad. Lastly, we do not scam and do not practice business dishonesty.

  8. We replied here several days ago but its not showing.

    Ours is just $1 USD per month for 1GB/10GB shared web hosting that is available nationwide with true 24×7 ticketing support and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

    1. hmm I’m checking my spam filters if your comment got lost there but I couldn’t find it. 🙁 hmm Btw, 1gb is space and 10gb is for bandwidth right? It looks if that is the case and a good thing about it is that, it’s local. ^_^

      1. Yes Allen, its actually one of the most affordable local web hosting in Philippines, that even offers Free Domain for Life at its most affordable price without sacrificing hosting confidence, reliability, stability and after-sales support!

        @Jonathan, thanks for subscribing!

  9. First day and I already had problems, a good thing this is just a test site but if I want my site to go live, I would not host it on philhosting. Here’s the problem i had with them and not even 1 month with them :

    Not a very good company…

  10. are you stupid enough to get a PHILHOSTING service?
    then go on!

    1. the most sarcastic customer service you can get.
    2. slower than a turtle reply.
    3. their 02 407 1440 is always cannot be reach
    4. as if their office is as large as SM mall of Asia which in fact a tiny office in cityland dela rosa. here is why: when you contact tech support/billing support this 2 divisions requires forever to recoup your request. their reply would be: mam this is tech support you need to contact billing support! after contacting billing support your agony is just started! these guys are so TECHNICAL that is why they dont know the term INITIATIVE!
    5. tam is son of devil!

    if you want to migrate to other host just see to it not to argue with these guys, this is really what they are expecting! so they are fulfilling their dreams: to get you frustrated and annoyed and that is their business! ask the HELP of NBI or file a lawsuit!

    Trunkline: 523-8231 to 38

    Fax: 526-1216, 523-7414


  11. hi guys, just came across this site. i was reading up reviews on web hosting providers as i am planning to get one myself. i must say THANK YOU for the warning. the company would have been on top of my list.

    Anyways, i am now hosted with philwebservices, recommended by a friend who is also using their service. in fairness, they were patient enough to answer all my quesstions, and i asked a lot since i am not really a techie person. lol

    on the first 2 days, i had their support time assist me every step of the way. did not have to pay extra for this. now, my blog site is up and running. now i can breathe a sigh of relief.

  12. a useless company, puro rookie ang empleyado nyehmas! Walang kwenta. My website is down for 5 days and counting. Maintenance issue daw sabi ni TAM *Tamad*. Maintenance for more than 5 days already? Mga inutil, within 24 hrs lang dpat ang acceptable time to finish your maintenance shit excuse.

  13. Damn! Since 2007 pa pala ganito un Philhosting. Hindi man lang nag-improve un service nila. mag 1 year nako sa Philhosting at hindi talaga maganda service nila. Wala announcement pag may downtime. Kung meron man scheduled, tingin ko lahat ng downtime e un-scheduled.

  14. may makapag assure ba sa akin na kahit papaano e reliable naman ang PhilHost? maglilipat ako ng server e baka mamya magsisisi lang ako. thanks

  15. I agree! Their hosting service is useless! Laging down, mapapahiya ka lang lalo na kung nasa service ka. Ang bagal pa nila magreply o magreact. Pag-milagrong may maka-usap ka sa hotline nila, ang sasabihin lagi “sir magsubmit na lang sila ng ticket” Laging may dahilan o ikaw pa ang may kasalanan na down ang website mo. Sometimes it takes weeks before they finally put it up. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GET PHILHOSTING unless you want high blood pressure.

  16. Please don’t choose, magaling lang sila sa simula. I recently avail a 1year basic plan from them, pero wala pang isang buwan yung website ko “suspended” na because of too much use of server resources, akala ko ba unlimited disk space and bandwidth? They just wasted my time, money and effort! Mapapamura ka talaga sa baba ng rates nila, pati service mababa din!

  17. Still there is a problem with PhilHosting. When you renew your domain lets say for 5 years. They will only renew it until 3 years only. Good thing I checked. I’m still demanding that they give what we have paid for.

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