What are your plans on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day is approaching and a lot of people are preparing for this day. To Couples,

I believe they would be spending a lot of money on this day. They would do some reservations on some luxurious restaurant, go to someplace memorable and simply be together on this day of “love”.

To shop owners,

Oh this is the perfect time to showcase your Valentine’s day products from flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, letters and anything that is related to this day. You can even jack up your prizes a few folds and lovers won’t mind buying them.

To singles,

Well, as a single, you can still enjoy the day as any ordinary human. The sad part is, you don’t have a special someone to spend it with but you can still spend it with a group of singles and have fun. Nobody is exempted to be happy on this day.

To bloggers,

Go forth and blog anything that is related to Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day Quotes, where to buy flowers, what’s a good gift for him/her, history of valentine’s day.

Ah yes, if you need more quotes, you can copy from my Quotes/Qoutes section of the blog.

For me,

As a killjoy, Valentine’s Day for me is just any ordinary day but people tend to abuse this day for the sake of love. I have seen how prices jack up just for this day and the massive traffic that will be created on the streets. Every place would be crowded with couples and singles around that it would be uncomfortable to move around so much so I think I’ll just stay at home and play. LoL. But things can change and I might go out. Alone? I’m sure I will not be. 🙂

How about you guys? What are your plans?

8 thoughts on “What are your plans on Valentine’s Day?

  1. I’ve not seen the Singles Awareness day spin on Valentines before! Clearly as someone who runs a number of dating sites, you missed a category of people above …those who provide services to bring people together : )

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