What have you done this Christmas vacation?

Hmm I’m curious to know about your experiences… What have you done this Christmas vacation?

As for me, I can summarize it into a few actions, eat, play, sleep and *sigh* work.

Eating like a pig

Well, I have been eating a lot ever since I arrived in my hometown last Sunday (Dec 21). We have daily dine outs. This is because our grandfather went home here earlier than usual (he usually comes home at around Dec 30 or so but he was here on December 23). So to celebrate that, his children (my uncles and aunts) take turns treating the whole clan out daily until December 31. Simply saying, I can’t blame myself in indulging in good food so I just eat as much as I can and complain to myself that my stomach is starting to bulge. ^_^

So far, based on the weighing scale, I have gained 6 pounds in one week!!!

Playing like there’s no tomorrow

I play my psp a lot. I play a few computer games here and there. And, I play basketball here since its the only time I can play for all I want and its free here. I even bought a new slipper that I just use to play basketball. Well, I broke it after 1 day of playing. I only hope that all this energy I spend will counter my calory intake else I’ll be a blob when I return after vacation.


Yes, I miss my bed. ^^


Everything would be ok, except for this. Since I was a good soul (LoL), I accepted that I’ll be working this week as holiday support. Well, I can’t complain as we will be compensated but I sure hope nothing important comes up. It would be disturbing my eat, play and sleep combo if ever it happens.

hmm what about blogging? Well, time will come. hihihi

So what about you ? What have you done this Christmas vacation or what are you doing?

11 thoughts on “What have you done this Christmas vacation?

  1. Nothing special for me. Going around meeting and greeting relatives and friends, and some last minute shopping to take advantage of the Christmas deals. How do you find the time to play on PSP so much? Hope your boss doesn’t find out. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. @Ling, Hmm that is something I forgot to do, shopping. I’m sure I missed a lot of good bargains. ๐Ÿ™ Hmm actually, I can play a lot of on my psp because it is our vacation. Although we have work, it is not really required for us and it is like a bonus. ^_^

    1. @Porch Lifts, oh sad to hear you got sick. But I’m glad that even if sickness did not stop you from eating to your heart’s content. That is something I did too this Christmas. eat a lot daily.

  2. sang carols, put up the christmas tree with all its buntings, hung up the christmas star, decorated the house with christmas memorabilia, went for midnight mas, watched cribs and their competitions, danced the christmas night out, called up friends and relatives with the Merry Christmas banter, ate christmas goodies and drank enough wine to be less worried about search engine optimisation and page rankings

    Xittuk goencar

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