Best Portable Hard Disk

Best Portable Hard Disk

What is the Best Portable Hard Disk out there?

Best Portable Hard Disk

Lately, I’ve been researching on portable hard disks because I want to buy one however, there are many brands and choices available that I am having a hard time choosing.

I have been also been reading reviews on Amazon and other tech websites but there’s not one brand that tops them all. One brand would rank higher in this site but it will be blasted into outer space on another website.

So far, here are the brands that I have read about.

  • Western Digital
  • Samsung
  • Seagate
  • Freecom
  • Toshiba
  • Transcend
  • Buffalo

So far I’m leaning towards the first three. Just to note, I’m not looking for an external hard disk but a portable hard disk .

  • Portable hard disk – can be powered using the USB only and it is small and stylish (other brands)
  • External Hard disk – can be powered using an AC outlet and it looks bulky like a big book (no way I’m bringing this from home to office, vice versa everyday).

On prices, the range for 500gb here in the Philippines is around PHP 4k to 4.5k  and when comparing it to Amazon prices, I can say, it is more or less the same so I don’t need to buy from Amazon.

I’m still undecided but I’m open to suggestions, comments and other stuffs.

So what do you think is the Best Portable Hard Disk? Hit the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Best Portable Hard Disk

  1. Im going for Seagate and Western Digital, WD has certainly picked up the pace when it comes to their hard drives. Im leaning towards Seagate for the design. lolz. But for performance its a tie for me.lastly the software bundled for WD drives is better compare to Seagate’s.pick your poison

  2. pinagpipilian ko seagate freeagent and wd mypassport…i went to gilmore wd nabili ko most of d stores kc dun ung seagate nla na freeagnt wlang 500gb…320gb kc prang bitin unte nlng dagdag mo 500gb na so go for d 500gb pra sulit pera mo…

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