What Pacquiao and Marquez taught me about SEO?

It’s always a nice way to give a recap to the lessons learned from any experience. For today, I would like to discuss about the SEO lessons learned from the Pacquiao vs Marquez rematch.

Start preparations early

Pacquiao and Marquez for sure started their training months before their scheduled match. This is to make sure that they are in tip-top shape when they finally fight. This is also something you can apply to your posts that you want to rank high. If you foresee an event that will be very much anticipated by a lot of people, you must not waste another minute and start optimizing for the keywords of that event as soon as possible.

In this case, the event was their rematch so probable keywords you can optimize were:

  • Manny Pacquiao vs Marquez
  • Manny Pacquiao vs Marquez rematch results

You can add some variations to those keywords but those are the main keywords. Congratulations to Karlo and Dexter for being able to top the SERPs for this. These two received loads of traffic on the match itself. ^_^

Prepare your defenses

Both Pacquiao and Marquez knew that they were going to get beat up badly so they made sure that their defenses would be very strong. If their defense was low, it would just take a few punches and they would get knocked down. For Pacquiao, he has Alaxan, what about us bloggers?

If you managed to start early and top the SERPs for the keywords, then congratulations to you. You will be the recipient of mountains of traffic on that event however, your blog will be suffering a lot of knock downs (downtimes) if you are not prepared. A simple way to prepare for this is to check your current bandwidth consumption. Make a good estimate on how much bandwidth your site consumes per page view. Multiply it by 100 (too low), let’s say about 2000 or more. After that, check if you will be going over your monthly bandwidth consumption or not.

Another thing you can do is to inform your hosting provider that you will be expecting loads of traffic on your site on these days so that they will know. This is to avoid your hosting provider suspending your account for eating up too much of their server resources. I noticed several blogs were down on the day of the match itself. That’s very bad because it’s like throwing all their SEO efforts down the drain. It would not look good on search engines if they see that your blog is returning a 404 not found error (blog is down).

Meet your visitor’s expectations

A lot of Filipinos paid a lot of money not just so see the rematch between Pacquiao and Marquez. They went there to see Pacquiao beat the hell out of Marquez. You can say the same for the Mexicans who went there to see Marquez beat the hell up out of Pacquiao. They both delivered and the fight lasted for a long time so the people got their money’s worth. So now let’s apply this into our blogging and SEO goals.

After doing your preparations for the keywords, you should looking at your stats to see what your visitors want when they visit your blog. You can use the keywords used to go to your site as input. Of course, the first thing they are going to look for is the results of the match. If you managed to update your posts about this, then you have done the first step. However, the rematch results isn’t the only thing they are going to look for. I’m sure that they would like to see it over and over again right? So what do you think they are going to look for next?

It’s the rematch vedio, o video! You can also add yutube videos… dang my spelling sucks… I mean, youtube vedeos for the rematch. The rematch videos can be found everywhere. You just add them to your site and voila! You have another set of visitors who would be coming to your blog soon enough.

In conclusion

These were the lessons I’ve learned in the recent SEO experiment for this huge event. I deeply regret not being prepared in the first step. Although my traffic increased, it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t even enough when compared to Karlo’s own, “Juan Karlo Licudine (3/16/2008 9:46:35 PM): 11500 visitors on the first pacquiao vs marquez day“. I’m so envious that I hired lots of people to give his blog a DDOS attack to bring it down!!! Die die die! hehe Just kidding. As you can see, that’s the result of being prepared! ^_^

If you have other learnings about blogging about pacquiao and marquez rematch results, do share them here. I’ll be happy to read about them .

18 thoughts on “What Pacquiao and Marquez taught me about SEO?

  1. In my frail SEO experiments, I don’t usually compete with the big blogs. But you are right about the preparation thing. Two or three posts about a topic and loaded with keywords, would likely produce better results.

    ceblogger’s last blog post..Edit, Edit and Edit

  2. very well said. bumuhos talaga ang traffic. and up to now, umaambon pa sa blog ko. 🙂 i actually optimized just one week before the fight. since most already optimized for the pacquiao marquez result, i optimized for pacquiao marquez video. people will search for the result only on the day of the fight, but people will continue searching for the video days after the fight 🙂 alam na nila ang result, pero marami pang gustong mapanood ulet.

    marhgil’s last blog post..Googel = Google = Googol

  3. @Selaplana – Sure! No problem. Let us wait for the next pacquiao match and we will start optimizing. Btw, Sel, offtopic question… hows your naruto blog?

  4. @ceblogger – Who are the big blogs you mean? Every blogger has a chance to rank high in the search engine results. It’s just how you optimize it. ^_^

  5. @Marhgil – You are right. That’s why I started to optimize for the video too and lately in my stats, many people are still looking for it. Too bad youtube removes them on sight. 🙁 Greedy bastards hehe

  6. @Allen… oo nga eh. lahat na lang ng pacquiao-marquez video, inaalis sa youtube. favorable din sa atin, coz they will continue searching 🙂 problema lang, wala din tayong maibigay sa kanila. so, they might just click the ads, baka may makikita sila dun. hehehe.

    marhgil’s last blog post..Googel = Google = Googol

  7. @Phaelun – Hmm actually pacquiao s(andal has little traffic… but you can try other words. You can ask jehzlau.. he’s really gooooodd at it… but he won’t share them to me.. huuh just kidding hehe

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