What the Malaysian Government Taught me about blogging?

Last week, our family went to Malaysia for a tour and while at it, I was thinking about my blog that I abandoned. While listening to our tour guide talk about their Malaysia, I gained some ideas for a blog post. Want to know what the Malaysian Government taught me about blogging?

Plan ahead for the future

We were told that Malaysia used to be a swampy land and life was really hard before. But when they started building their infrastructures especially on their roads, they made it wide. They also built lots of freeways and highways so that traveling would be easier. It really looks organized and much easier for travelers to use. When they were building those roads, they thought of the future where they would be lots of cars so thin roads would just cause traffic jams so they made it wide to avoid them.

In blogging, planning for the future can do wonders for your blog. Let us use as an example the recent Manny Pacquiao and Manuel Marquez rematch. I pointed out in one of the lessons learned that you should prepare your defenses in anticipation for the huge traffic boost if you have optimized a post about the rematch results because for sure, people are going to look for it. Another example would be when you are going out for a long vacation, you should not follow what I did where I had to abandon the blog for a few days without any posts because I was out of the country. If you know that you are going to be gone for a while, you can either get some guest posters to your blog or schedule some posts so that the blog will still be active even without you.

Provide useful content for your readers

The Malaysian people pay taxes to the government and the Malaysian government uses this money to provide public services to the people. These services include cheap public transportation in terms of buses, clean surroundings, lots of infrastructures and well maintained public restrooms. You can really see where their taxes go and how it makes the people happy and contented with their government. It’s not only the locals who gets to enjoy these benefits, but also the tourists. For us tourists who just come once in a while, what the government has done for the public is enough to leave a lasting impression and we would likely recommend to our friends to visit that place.

In blogging, your readers do not necessarily pay taxes but they pay with their time. So you must make sure that they did not make a mistake by visiting your blog. How do you do this? Simply by providing useful content and information that they would appreciate. Most of your blog’s visitors will usually come from a search engine. They are looking for something and if they find what they are searching in your blog, they might bookmark it for future references. In that sense,you have gained a reader. That reader may also relay his experience on your blog to his peers so that they will visit it too. Then you have just gained more visitors without doing anything.

In conclusion

These are the two things that I learned about Malaysia which I thought can be applied to blogging itself. What do you think about it? Got any reactions? Just leave a comment.

Btw, I still have not finished my write-up for our Malaysia tour so for now, let me just refer you to my sister’s blog where she wrote about Amazing Malaysia.

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  1. @Ling – I really liked how their government managed to do this for their people and look at them now, developing like there’s no tomorrow. I just thought about it while we are on tour, I just missed my blog and thought this can be a good post idea. hehe 😀

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