Where Do I Download Subtitles for Movies?

Where Do I Download Subtitles for Movies?

When I usually watch a show, it is a big plus for me if the show has subtitles because I’m not a good listener so I depend on these little text files to tell me the whole story completely.

So what are these subtitles and how do we use them?

First, you should know that there are two types of subtitles.

  • Hard Subs – these are subtitles that have been included directly in the video. These are already part of the video and I usually avoid them because there is no way for you to get rid of them.
  • Soft Subs – these are subtitles that are stored in a text file (eg. SRT) and loaded only when the movie plays. This is what I prefer because you have the option to turn these off or edit if you see any wrong lines.

How do I play movies with Soft Subs?

You simply need a good codec pack and for that I would suggest that you download the CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) which plays almost everything I try to play.


Others like VLC player but it depends on your preferences.

You should have two files. The video file and the subtitle file. In order for them to work, they should have the same file name. For example,


I’m not so sure of the case if it matters but what I usually do is to copy the name of the movie and rename the subtitle filename with the movies name (or vice versa).

Where Do I Download Subtitles for Movies?

I thought you’d never ask. 🙂 Well, here’s where I get them subtitles.

www.addic7ed.com - I like this for TV shows! Recommended!
www.withs2.com/ - KDRAMA Subtitles

Are subtitles illegal?

That I’m not so sure of. However, so far these websites have not been persecuted for having subtitles. Also, these subtitles are based on the uploader’s interpretation or transcription of the movie (not official) so think of it as a fan-made music video lol.

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