Why you should not publish a lot of entries in a short amount of time

There are times where you feel your creative juices are flowing and you are filled with ideas. Each of these ideas can be converted into blog entries! Due to this, you now have lots of potential blog entries to share to your readers. You plan to write them all down and publish them on the same day. I suggest you refrain from doing this. Do not be a millionaire in one day and risk being poor the next day.

I have three reasons why you should not do this.

  1. There will be days that you don’t have any ideas on what to write.
    It is not your fault and it happens to everyone. So instead of writing something half-baked or forcing yourself to write for the sake of writing, you can tap in from your reserves. Where do you get your reserves from? Well, remember those days where you had your creative juices overflowing? Instead of publishing them all at the same day, you can save some of them for times like these. Think of it as saving money (in this case, blog entries) for future use.
  2. Your older entries will not be given much publicity.
    Have you noticed that every time you publish an entry, the older entries get pushed down? Those poor old entries will not get much attention as the new entries since readers often read the first entry only when they check your blog for updates. What do you think will be the effect of it to your older posts (that you posted at the same day)? Ahh they will feel neglected! Even if you give the same amount of effort in writing those posts, the newer ones will shadow the older ones.
  3. Writing an entry can be done in a few minutes but writing a quality entry takes time.
    How long does it take you to write an entry? As for me, it can be as fast as 20 minutes or be as long as two hours. It depends on how much time you spend writing just one entry. What if you have many entries to write on that day? Wouldn’t you feel pressured to finish all of them at the same time? And since you are racing against time, wouldn’t the “quality” of your posts deteriorate? What I meant by quality is that you might commit spelling errors, writing errors and write something that does not make any sense.

So in conclusion, just take your time in writing your entries. Blogging is not a race that the one who posts the most entries in one day wins. If you feel that your creative juices are overflowing today, be thankful and don’t waste the opportunity. Save up on all those ideas and unleash them one at a time in the future. It will be worth it and your readers will like it.

PS: This post was made because today I feel like I can post a lot of things (ohhh the blogging adrenaline rush!!!) but I’m glad I have self control. It even gave me an idea for a blog entry. hehe ^_^

15 thoughts on “Why you should not publish a lot of entries in a short amount of time

  1. I am guilty of these.. there are times that I would post 4 or 5 entries in one seating… But that’s ok, aside from i have few (or no) readers, all those posts are not applicable for anybody anyway. 🙂

    But you do have point here…

  2. I’d rather write them while I’m still in the moment as opposed to clutching the straws later on.

    Here’s my take:

    Write your fix of 4-5 articles and just pre-program your blogging client to publish them in one day increments. 🙂

  3. as much as possible, i only write one a day and my posts for the whole week are lined up for publishing. at the moment i post twice a day because i’ve got a huge backlog from july. i’ve posted up to four entries in a day, but that’s because i really couldn’t help it!

  4. i always keep my newly created posts on draft mode and publish them at a given date and time.

    nice tips, btw. 😀

  5. @Elizar – I’m sad to know about your mindset in blogging. You should also think about your readers. You just don’t know it but you do have readers who appreciate your works. ^_^

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I’m glad you liked the post. (or even if I’m just assuming that you liked it)

  6. Although this is a very helpful advise (because I’m very much guilty of this), some blogs really have to post a lot on a single day. Examples of which are entertainment blogs like TMZ and DListed.

    1. Hmm I see. You have a point. However, those kind of blogs usually do not write their own content. Correct me if I’m wrong but they just paraphrase news from other websites and link back to their sources.

      1. Not necessarily. If you check out TMZ, for instance, most of their reports are actual first-hand accounts (even some news agencies refer to their site). Other entertainment site provide TV updates and even uploading their own recordings.

      2. I see. It will depend on the niche of the blog I guess. Entertainment and news blogs have a lot of topics to cover everyday. And is it safe to assume that the content of TMZ is not written by only one person but a group of persons? ^_^

  7. Hmm.. I used to do the multiple post thingee before but the readers are not really reading the “older” post, though they are just written on the same day as the top article. Publishing an article every 2 days works for me, since it gave more time for readers to cope up with my posts. 🙂 Minsan kasi pag pumunta ka sa isang blog, tapos sobrang daming entry, nakaka-lula rin naman.. ^_^;

  8. ugh..ako rin…im very very guilty of this…especially right now…hehe…i even post multiple posts in one day because I feel that I need to let something out or else I’ll feel very, ugh empty or stuck or sumtin…>_

  9. I completely agree with this. Sometimes I get some momentum and post too much at once and need to remind myself to space it out. Good advice.

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