Why you should use Free ESET Online Scanner?

Why you should use Free ESET Online Scanner?

I was introduced to this when I asked for help in bleepingcomputer.com because my laptop got infected by a virus.

Because of my experiences of getting infected, lately I have been recommending the usage of MalwareBytes and Freefixer to help you fight against viruses and malware. However, they are not the complete package as aside from running scans once in a while, you should have a good antivirus (even antivirus suite) to protect your computer.

Unfortunately, my laptop doesn’t have that. It is protected by a known brand but I don’t even think it is running. I did not install this myself as it was there after the image copy on this laptop and because this is not really mine (company laptop), I don’t bother installing real and reliable protection on it.

So when I was asking for help, they recommended me to use the ESET online scanner to scan my computer. There are a lot of online scanners out there but having this one get recommended by them gives it a high rating for me.

So anyway, I suggest that you use Internet Explorer to install this so that it will just install just like a plug-in in firefox (activeX). If you install it in other browsers, you will have to download an installer to launch the online scanner.

Get it from here.


After installing, you will configure the options as Step 1 .

  • Tick Remove Found Threats
  • Tick Scan Archives
  • Tick Scan for potentially unwanted applications
  • Tick Enable Anti-Stealth Technology
  • In Current Scan Targets: you can choose where to scan (your hard disk, and/or external drives / memory)

After you click on next, Eset will download the (Step2) virus signature databases automatically then (step 3) run the scan on your computer.

The last step which is step 4 will be about the results of the scan. Be happy if it did not find any viruses and if it did, still be happy because it will remove them automatically.

I would recommend that you delete the quarantine for all those viruses that you found so that they won’t return when you accidentally restore them from quarantine.

Oh btw, Eset Online scanner keeps a log in the following location

Windows XP = C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Online Scanner\log.txt

So that’s it. Try running this program whenever you feel that you have a virus. Also run this when somebody inserts an external storage device on your computer such as USBs, external hard disk and similar items.

Btw, ESET also has their own antivirus and it is NOD32, have you heard of it?

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