Wii Balance Board won’t turn on or won’t Sync

Wii Balance Board won’t turn on or won’t Sync


Today, I took out my Wii Balance Board because I want to play Wii Fit Plus (and shed some fats lol). However, when I turned it on, it won’t stay on and the blue led in the balance board would just blink then die.

I was thinking that I had dead batteries (possible symptom number 1 – oh my, from trauma team) so inserted 4 brand new and newly charged Ecomax AA batteries (bought yesterday from CDR-King) and tried it again. Same response… is it dead? I was thinking, omg! My PHP4,500 balance board is dead? It can’t be so I still try to think what could be it then I remembered about the synching needed when I first bought the Wii Balance Board.

So I tried pressing the Sync button in the Wii Balance Board (it can be found in the place where you insert the batteries).

I pressed it and it was still blinking like crazy but after a while it will still die. I did some research and I found these instructions from the Nintendo website.


Basically, the instructions to sync your Wii Balance Board are the following:

  1. Make sure your battery is not dead
  2. Insert a game that uses the Wii Balance Board (Wii Fit Plus would be ok) and start the game
  3. Press the sync button in your Wii Balance Board and while this is blinking, press the sync button in your Wii

This is what I did and it worked and now I was able to play Wii Fit Plus and sweat a lot doing rowing squats.. ohh my quads…

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