Wii Fit Routines

Wii Fit Routines

Lately, I have been spending more time playing Wii Fit Plus especially when I feel lazy to go to the gym (which is usually always) and I want to sweat a bit.

If you have tried Wii Fit Plus or even just Wii Fit, you would see that the exercises are divided into categories. (I do suggest that you get Wii Fit Plus as it is an upgraded version of Wii Fit)

  • Plus (wii fit plus only)
  • Yoga
  • Strength
  • Aerobics
  • Balance

You may try all these for fun but if you want to be more “serious” about your use of Wii Fit, I would suggest that you should make a routine. A routine would consist of selected activities from these categories to achieve something. For example, there could be a weight loss routine or a endurance routine. You can even take it further by being more specific like a big tummy or ab endurance routine. It all depends on your “goal” in wii fit.

One thing that made me play wii fit less before was I had no direction in what I was doing. I would randomly pick any of these exercises that I wanted to play with and just move on to the next. After a while, I will grow tired of it and shut it off. In short, I had no routine. Well, I thought about it and just searched for “Wii Fit Routines” and well, I got some results and this one website, even has a routine generator specific for your goals.


You can choose, Weight Loss, Yoga, Strength and Endurance routines and I have been trying it once in a while and it really does makes a difference in the way I use Wii Fit. I now have a direction on what to do and a series of exercises to accomplish (a goal). Due to this, it increased the time I play wii fit and I believe I can play it a lot more now.

Note: Wii Fit is not a substitute for going to the gym. You will get different results when you go to the gym or play wii fit. It is just a way to make couch potatoes have a little exercise in them and have fun in the process.


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