Wii Lessons – Just Dance 2 DLC

Wii Lessons – January 5, 2011

My goal is to learn something new for the wii as I play around it. Today, I learned how to download new tracks songs for the Just Dance 2 game. However, it is without a lot of failures just to achieve it. I’ll just type whatever

Well, the first step was to acquire the game so I waited for a night to have it then I started reading some tutorials on how to download the tracks. So I installed a “wad” from wiiso.com then started the game. Upon reaching the shop feature in the game, I was asked that I need to have some wii points in order to download games. This became my first road block.

I found out that this is due to me having an outdated Wii Shopping Channel (v19 instead of v20). Luckily I had an updated “wad” on my SD card and was able to install it successfully. I did attempt a few “pimp my wii” fixes but all of them failed, I even got the “Magic Stuff Failed =(” error on pimp my wii (no idea what that means).

I also tried to go to the Wiishop channel however, Wiiconnect24 said that I did not accept the user’s agreement. I tried to accept it but it says something like this, “Wii Shop channel and WiiConnect24 service not available“. Another road block! Good thing the solution is easy which is to go to your settings and change your country, (I set it to US) and I was able to accept the user’s agreement. Now going back to the game…

I loaded the game again and finally, success in going to the store and I started by downloading “Fireworks by Katy Perry” (great song!), and another problem! It would not save to my SD card and it says to use my wii system memory… Why o why? Since I was desperate to try it out, I started the download to the wii and tried out the song. I played it even if my shoulder was sore and it was pretty cool! Definitely a great game! But I still need to check why it won’t download to the SD card.

Error 204904:

Unable to connect to the Internet. Confirm the internet settings of the Wii Console

This happened when I lost my internet connection. Bad router, restarting on its own.

Error 204056:

June 2011 Update

When I started using CFG USB Loader, it works and I was able to save on my SDHC Card. Hooray! 😀


No space on your system memory. For some reason, it won’t save on my 4GB SDHC card. Is this a limitation the game?

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3 thoughts on “Wii Lessons – Just Dance 2 DLC

  1. The music is good and the game is fun; however if you have lead a sedentary lifestyle you cannot just jump into this. The easy mode means you just do one song, which is good because there is no way a sedentary person could do more than that. This is game is fun to do; but you have to be able to jump around and use your arms at the same time; because the dance moves require you to do that. All in all if you are in fair shape you can get right into the game and have a great deal of fun. If you are not in great shape you have to work up to the game and not expect to get all the moves right or do more than one song at a time.

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