Wii Power Problems

Wii Power Problems

This is a quick solution to those who have power problems to their Wii. Today, we experienced a power problem where there was a fizzle and some outlets won’t function anymore. Unfortunately, the wii was plugged to an outlet that was affected. After doing a reset of the circuit, the power was back on but the Wii won’t function anymore.

I switched the Wii to an operating outlet but there was no standby light. I did some research and thankfully the Nintendo website had documents related to this one. Basically, you can try to unplug your power adapter from both the outlet and the wii and simply wait for two to three minutes, then try to plug it in again. If it works, then good for you (it worked for me). If not, then you should consider changing the fuse of your wii adaptor, or send it for repair or just buy a new power adapter. But I do hope the unplug and wait method works for you.

For more info, check it out here.


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