Wii Semi Bricked – Opera Error

Wii Semi Bricked – Opera Error

Wii Semi Brick – Opera Error

The first thing you should know that wii games are region sensitive. If you have an US wii, you should not play a Japan wii game on it and click on system update else you will get a semi-bricked wii.

A Semi-Brick Wii is simply a Wii that cannot access the system menu anymore. If you try to access the system menu, you will get an “opera error , page cannot be displayed“. The good thing is that this error can be fixed easily if you have the correct tools.

Solution 1 – Update your system menu via a new game with an updated system menu

I haven’t tested this one but for example, your system menu is only 3.1 then you play a game that requires 4.1 system menu then if you install the update, you can remove your semi-bricked wii error.

Solution 2 – Pimp my wii

This is the name of a homebrew program that can fix the opera semi bricked error. You simply need to know what your wii system menu region initially was then install a system menu wad that corresponds to your wii region via the Pimp My Wii Wad Install functionality.

.Sorry no download links here.

I was able to remove the semi-brick by following the instructions at http://wiiso.com so if you are not a member yet of that great forum, visit it now! 🙂

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