When will LG G2 get the Kitkat Update? (Philippines)

When will LG G2 get the Kitkat Update? (Philippines)

LG G2 Update Available

One of the questions I have been asking and searching would be the date when the LG G2 will finally get the Kitkat Android Update. Based from the forums that I have read, it has already been available to South Korea since December 2013 (home-court advantage) and I have also seen US Carriers pushing out the update. So what about us from the Philippines that has the international version?

When will we get the LG G2 update? I’m still crossing my fingers as a lot of news were saying that by the end of March 2014; LG will roll-out the update including international versions.

I’ll update this post when my LG G2 (yes, I already have LG G2 but haven’t blogged about it yet) has already been updated to Kitkat.

Update: March 21, 2014 

The LG Mobile Support Tool just confirmed that an update is available! Checking it out  now.

Update was successful! LG G2 now on Android 4.4.2


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