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How to do Wireless File Transfer from your Android Device?

How to do Wireless File Transfer from your Android Device?


Recently I have been downloading a lot of files in my Transformer tablet and have been needing to transfer them back and forth to my laptop. Transferring files from / to your PC from / to your android device can be done by connecting your Android Device to your PC via USB. However, sometimes I misplace the USB cable so I can’t transfer files.

There are apps that can be installed on your Android Device that can help you transfer them easily. Here are the apps that I have tried.


Wireless File Explorer

Wireless FileExplorer Screenshot
Wireless File Explorer Screenshot – Interface that you can see on your computer

Google Play Link [https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ajhais.wfe]

I recently tried this app and it does what it says it will do. When you start the app, it will only have one button and that button will enable the app to be a “server“. Once it is a server, you can now connect to your device via your PC by entering the device’s IP address + port number. For example, the app told me that in order to connect, I’ll just point my browser to this address.

and I’m now able to connect. See the interface screenshot above. The interface looks great actually. Here’s what I can notice:

  • You can move files on the device via the copy / cut commands
  • Only files can be downloaded; folders cannot be downloaded.
  • You can download files one at a time or all at the same time ; there’s no queuing


So far, I have used AirDroid to send out text messages for my phone (when I broke my phone’s LCD screen) but I haven’t tried its file management feature. Will update this post once I do.

What about you guys? What apps do you use to wirelessly transfer files from/to your Android Device?

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