Wonderful Birthday Experience

Last week, I celebrated my birthday. Allow me to write about my birthday experience since I would like to record this wonderful experience.

Start of the birthday

My work shift is from 3pm to 12am so the first few minutes of my birthday will be spent by me getting home from the office. Well, a few of my officemates already knew that my birthday is coming, thanks to multiply telling them in advance about my birthday. I was trying to conceal it but multiply had to reveal it. So when 12 struck, like a domino effect, they started greeting me. I don’t know how to react given the attention so I just smile and gave my thanks to everyone who greeted me.

At home before and after sleep

When I arrived home, my cousin greeted me after she finished her talk with her bf and gave me brownies and a cupcake. My other cousin who was already sleeping woke up due to her singing and greeted me in a half-sleep state. I replied to text messages to me then I slept. When I woke up, I again replied to birthday greeting text messages.

Pre work Movie – Indiana Jones

Our team lead, the legendary January, suggested that our shift team watch a movie before going to work. The movie was Indiana Jones. We are six in the team (Me, Janelle, January, April, Vanessa, Patrick) and only one wasn’t able to come (Patrick). My mini review to the movie would be, I’d give it a B- or a C. In terms of visual effects, it looked good but the letdown is that it’s not realistic. I’m also subconsciously comparing it to National Treasure so I was expecting something more. After that we went back to the office and the legend gave me a gift. It was a sugar house cake.

Silent Office leading to dinner

When we arrived at the office, I noticed that there were just a few people in there. Perhaps many works from home on Thursday so less people in the office. Just a little fast forward to.. dinner! Well, I never said that I’m going to treat them but I already planned to do so. I just wanted to keep it a secret so that they would not expect or not look forward to it (evil laugh bwahaha). Oh well, when time came where it’s dinner time, they were all getting ready to go out to buy their dinner when I finally told them to eat @ Dencio’s. Dinner’s on me. In attendance were Keng, January, Janelle, Sherwin, January, Vanessa, April, Lei, Uly, Gio and me.

Back to the office

Before going back to the office, April and Vanessa bought ice cream. I picked the flavor. It’s the trio flavor of strawberry, mocha and vanilla (can’t remember). We brought it back to the office and January took out the birthday candle to put in the cake. The funny part here is that, we don’t have a lighter or a match to lit it up so Sherwin look for one. He finally found one by borrowing from a cigarette vendor outside. With the cake in place and the candle lighted, they started singing me a Happy Birthday and once again, all eyes on me (what the hell do I do in such situations?) . I blew out the candle and silently, thought of a wish (I wasn’t prepared to make a wish). Of course, I manage to think out of my wish, a wish for myself and a wish for everyone but I didn’t share hehe. We all started eating cake and ice cream. Malabes came by the pantry. Also JP, the flirt God. Evan, Michael, Geraldine were also there.

Saturday Sort of celebration

Giselle planned this outing and invited a lot of people. In attendance was Giselle, Janelle, Sherwin, Jelai, Kristel, Michael and me at the first. We planned to ice skate but it was expensive. We tried bowling but they were fully booked. So we ended up in E.G.G to do some videoke and I got shamed OMG. After that we contacted January who arrived in Blue Wave and we went there to Steak M.D. to eat our dinner. We planned to watch the Pyro Olympics but it was too crowded in MOA. Good thing we can still see part of it in Blue Wave for free! After that, we went to Timezone where I’m shameful again. I scored the lowest in basketball with just 20 points.

After that, Jelai, Janelle, Kristel, Sherwin and me went back to MOA to fetch our cars then went back to Blue Wave to have some drinking sessions in Gerry’s Grill. JP and Jae arrived there to drink with us. I brought the Soju that I bought earlier and two bottles were gone fast! The sad part there was I was the one on the hot seat. I tried to shift the focus but it still comes back to me. Oh well, after a lot of sharing2 stuffs, we all went home and so ends the Saturday.

Btw, my parents and bro also had their own mini celebration back in Iloilo for my birthday.

Sunday Celebration

My sister called me a few days earlier saying that we should meet up to eat lunch together on Sunday. So the venue was in Tokyo Cafe in MOA. We were late due to some reasons and when we arrived there, the food is already served. As far as I can remember, the food were, chicken with herbs, fried chicken, burger steak, pork with herbs and pizza. In attendance was my sister Mich and her bf James, my grandpa, cousins Fay, Felvin, Fern and Vincent. Fay told the waitress that it’s my birthday and the waitress told us that she will talk to her manager. After a few minutes later, the waitress asked for an identification card just to verify that it’s really my birthday then returned later with a free crepe. It has blue berry jam and ube ice cream on top! Yummy! ^_^


Well, I really had fun in my birthday week. I celebrated it with a lot of people. I just wish my whole family was here to celebrate it with me. Looking forward to your birthdays too. ^_^

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday (you’ve really had a great one!)…
    Am reading you and feel myself so very much alone… I don’t remember if anybody at all (but my close relatives) has greeted me in my previous birthday and am quite afraid of my next one… I seem to have many friends when I can be of use to someone, bet it doesn’t work vice versa…

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