WordPress 2.5.1 Required Upgrade and the Automatic Upgrade features

I’ve been looking going around in my wordpress admin dashboard and I’m getting bothered with all the text that says, “WordPress 2.5.1 is available! Please update now“. WordPress 2.5.1 was released last week and usually I upgrade as soon as I see it but not this time. It was part of my having a life for a while and wasn’t able to do any blogging then. But anyways, the point of this post is to say how easy my wordpress upgrade was thanks to the wordpress automatic upgrade plug-in.

I have written about it before so if you want to read about it, click this link to read my experience using the wordpress automatic upgrade. I just want to reiterate how easy it is to update your wordpress using this plug-in. When I compare the time when I used to do manual updates and when using this plug-in, the time difference is fast. Doing it manually takes me minutes or more if I have a slow upload speed however, this plug-in does it in seconds!

But, I still can’t do the automatic wordpress upgrade in one shot. I have to make at least two automatic upgrades to make sure everything is ok. I always get stuck on the database upgrade and plug-in reactivation on my first try. It seems that the plug-in thinks that my files are stored in the root domain, “silkenhut.com” and it can’t recognize that they are stored actually somewhere else. So it fails at that point so I have to do the upgrade process again until I get to the point where it shows me the log files (finish line of the automatic upgrade).

Hmm speaking about automatic upgrades, I also tried the automatic updating of the plug-ins. Instead of going to each of the home pages of the plug-ins, with a click of a button they get upgraded instantly. Of course this is a new feature that was introduced in wordpress 2.5 and I’m glad they added it. The only requirement for this feature to work is that the plug-in must be registered in wordpress.org and also, the folder name you are using for the plug-in is the default name (let me explain this in the next paragraph).

Only one plug-in of mine did not update successfully when I used the automatic updating of plug-ins. I looked around the files and I discovered the error, “the folder name you are using for the plug-in must be the default name else no upgrade”. For example, plug-in A is stored in the folder name “plug-in A” by default (I mean when you first see it in the zip file). However, because of some reason, you decided to rename the folder to “my plug-in”. If you do this, the automatic plug-in update will not be able to upgrade plug-in A because it will look to replace the folder named “plug-in A” but it doesn’t exists.

Life, I mean, wordpress life sure is getting easier with all these automations happening around. Don’t you think?

8 thoughts on “WordPress 2.5.1 Required Upgrade and the Automatic Upgrade features

  1. I have yet to upgrade my wordpress site to this latest release. I was waiting for my hosting provider to do the upgrade themselves but looks like I’m gonna have to do it on my own. Oh well, good luck to me.

  2. Some people experience problems with urls after upgrading. Probably something to do with htaccess but my update went fine.

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  3. @Derek – Oh I see… too bad because it really makes updating very easy. I could not get it to work in one shot but at least the time saved was worth it ^_^

  4. @Javi – Does your hosting provider provide that service? Free upgrades to your wordpress files? Well, you have two ways to upgrade, manually (by uploading and replacing the files yourself) or automatically, by using a plug-in. 🙂

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