WordPress for Dummies available soon!

Have you heard of the dummies series of books that teaches you stuffs? Their book titles are usually, “something here” for dummies, like for example, guitar for dummies, java for dummies, gardening for dummies (not sure if these titles exists hehe). Well, a blogger called Lisa Sabin-Wilson wrote a dummies book for wordpress and it will be released soon (October 29, 2007 to be exact).

Prepare for WordPress for Dummies!

About this book

WordPress is powerful software known for helping bloggers share their thoughts online. Whether you want to set up a blog in the WordPress community, add a blog to another site, or build your own blogging community, this book shows how WordPress can help. With this book, you’ll soon be navigating WordPress templates, plugins, and themes with no problem. (Read more at the source)

I will definitely buy this when I see this book in bookstores. How about you guys? Will you buy this book? 😀

9 thoughts on “WordPress for Dummies available soon!

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  2. ah, looks like teh blogging community can be considered a market now. cool… now if only people wrote about how to get threaded comments on blogger blogs, i’d be teh happiest person in teh world. =P

  3. I’ll definitely buy this book, especially because it was written by Lisa Sabin-Wilson. I was planning to get it from Amazon, but if I can just get it from a bookstore, that would be great! Do you have an idea how long it takes before the book hits the bookstores here in the Philippines?

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hmm I’m sorry but I don’t know when it will hit the bookstores here in the Philippines. When I read about it, it was going to be released on October 29 but it will still take time before retailers can acquire it (amazon, etc)…

  4. should I buy or not? Maybe not. The info I get from PinoyBlogero and Allen’s blog are more than enough compared to the book’s content. But I’ll check if our library would get a copy of this. hehehehe

  5. Your post has been very timely. I was looking forward to something like this to help me move one of my blogs to WordPress. For some reason I had always been uncomfi with WP but now I guess its high time.

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