Wow! Google is fast in dropping my pagerank

Wow! Google is fast in dropping my pagerank

I can’t help but laugh at what has happened. I feel like a moth flying high into the light. In less than a week or just 1-2 days after my censored post, Google reacted and dropped my page rank to 0. That post was dated April 17, and it’s when I checked last weekend, my page rank is an egg.

Personally, I have no regrets. I know that I was going to get slapped soon enough by joining the censored company but I did not expect it to be so fast. I guess that’s how good Google’s filter is. The moment they indexed my post, they quickly scan the post for any mention of the censored word then kaboom, instant 0 page rank. So today marks the second time my page rank got dropped to zero. The first time was last year I think. Oh wait, it was just last February 2008.

I managed to regain my page rank before by asking for a reconsideration request. I don’t know if they will reconsider this blog again as I broke their rules again. But I won’t panic nor cry due the loss of page rank. Checking my stats, more of less nothing has changed. My average visits per day are still the same and earnings from adsense are still the same. I don’t know what change should I expect but the only downside for this is that, I would have lesser opportunities for paid posts right?

So what’s my next plan? Well, I’ll just count this as one of my blogging experience and continue blogging. There’s no use thinking about page rank as it’s gone already. I’ll just keep on blogging and keep on moving forward!

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22 thoughts on “Wow! Google is fast in dropping my pagerank

  1. That’s sad, Allen. But I don’t think its permanent. If you stop making paid posts, your PR will eventually come back. Either way, as you say, it doesn’t really make a difference in terms of traffic, so stay cool. πŸ™‚

  2. That is super fast! Google algo sure is getting better and better…

    Try resubmitting again for reconsideration.. malay mo diba? πŸ˜‰

  3. @Ling – Hello Ling, I’m afraid I won’t stop doing paid posts. I won’t let Google command what I can write about or not in my blog. As long as search engine still gives me traffic, I’m happy. ^_^

  4. @Eli – Nah, they just scanned the post upon indexing it and dropped the page rank after the mention of those censored keywords. Oh well, I won’t submit it for now. I’ll just resubmit it after a few weeks. Let the fire die down first hehe

  5. @Life on Mars – I think it’s a hack in their algorithm. They purposely added a filter like, if paid post, overwrite all other factors page rank = 0 immediately.

  6. Other than the toolbar pagerank being set to 0, are you noticing any other penalties?

    I’ve read that Google “penalizes” sites so they can’t sell links based on their high PR, but all they do is change the PR that is displayed, not the internal Pagerank that’s used to calculate rankings, etc…

  7. If you’re getting enough traffic then you should not worry at all about PR. Izea’s(PayPerPost) Real Rank is something that does not take PR into consideration (I hope, otherwise it would defeat the purpose of their coming up with their own ranking system).

    Javi’s last blog post..Big Thanks!

  8. @Tom – I’ll try to ask for reconsideration after a few weeks after I get my payment from that censored company then I can add the no-follow. Btw, I did not join the bloggers party last saturday and I really regret not joining. πŸ™

  9. @Chadwyck – Hmm that’s interesting info. So they only change what’s being displayed and not the page rank itself. I guess it was really a manual intervention. So would you have any idea on what the real page rank is? ^_^

  10. @Javi – Umm the problem is, not all advertisers know about real rank. They are still basing their offers on page rank. They have no idea that page rank and paid posts are mortal enemies πŸ˜›

  11. @ceblogger – It’s ok. I’ll get it back or else I’ll kill this blog! haha just kidding but it’s a good challenge to get your page rank back. ^_^

  12. I have clients and friends that fear a PR drop like it would be the end of all things. Glad to see you take it with a smile. Proves you are smart enough to know that all things change – both god and bad.

    Now that you are looking for a way to make more money to recover from that horrid PR drop, find a way to profit off of Twitter. Heck, each twat that send s a tweet could also be sending you money (and give me 10%).

    Richard McLaughlins last blog post..What to do When Someone Takes My Work

  13. @Richard McLaughlin – Hi Richard, I admit I used to be one of those people who think loss of page rank meant end of the world for bloggers. But after some insightful comments from my readers and through my own reflections, I realized that page rank is not that great. Aside from losing opportunities in paid posts, there are not other side effects.

    btw, I don’t have a twitter account as of now but could you share how to make money from twitter? πŸ™‚

  14. @Selaplana – Mine was dropped simply by mentioning the taboo words. Oh well, I tried to change the wording but it was too late. haha πŸ™‚

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