X-Mini Max 2

X-Mini Max 2

X-Mini Max 2

X-Mini Max 2

Hello World to X-Mini Max 2.  I recently bought these from Widget City for only PHP1500 which was already cheap because other shops still sell this at PHP2000 or more. So what is this?

The X-Mini Max 2 is a speaker from X-Mini where their tagline is “Sound Beyond Size”. These speakers are small (just as tall as a tissue paper roll) yet they can pack a punch in the sound division. The Max variants is the stereo version as they also have the mono version (only 1 speaker). I have thinking if I should get the X-Mini Max 2 or the Altec Lansing Orbit IM237. X-Mini has a rechargeable battery and can play music in stereo mode while Altec Lansing uses 3xAAX batteries (2x the battery life) but plays only in mono. After doing comparisons only based on reviews from other people, I settled for the X-Mini Max 2.

X-Mini Max 2 Unboxing

The box contains the speaker, cable and the travelling pouch. The two speakers are joined together by a magnetic lock at the bottom and you just need to pull to separate them. The cable has both the USB and 3.5mm part on one end while the other end is where you will plug into the speakers. The cable also has the volume control.

X-Mini Max 2 Speaker X-Mini Max 2 Speaker Uncompressed

The speakers can be powered via a switch located on each speaker and a LED light would tell you about its status. When playing, bright blue means normal operations while dim blue would mean low battery. While charging, red means currently charging while blue means fully charged. To expand the speakers, you need to twist it to the right and to close the speakers, you will press down then twist it to the left till you hear a click (means it is locked).

X-Mini Max 2 In Action

I tried them out at the office and the sound quality was very good. I didn’t need to set the volume to high to appreciate the sound it was producing. However, in our recent trip where it was placed on an open space, I set it to the maximum level but it wasn’t that loud enough. My third test would be here at home where I was testing how loud it can be on closed spaces so I set it to loud volume and listen to a few songs and the result is… a headache and a note to self not to set it to maximum volume again.

Once again, I’d like to welcome the X-Mini Max 2 to my gadget family and I’m looking forward to movie nights with better sound output (compared to built in laptop speakers).

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X-Mini Max 2 Technical Specifications

Dimension (L×W×H): 65.8mm×53.4 mm (closed resonator)
Net Weight: 178g
Speaker: MAGNETISM PREVENT D40*H20mm (4Ω)/2W
Loudspeaker Output: 2.5W×2
Frequency Response: 200Hz~18K Hz
Signal-to-Noise: ≥80dB
Distortion: ≤1.0%
Playback Time: Up to 12 hours
Battery Voltage/Capacity: 400mAh
Battery Charging Voltage: 5V/+0.5V
Battery Charge Time: 5V input – 2.5 hours

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