Xend Express Courier Review

Xend Express Courier Review

Xend Express Courier Review

As I write this post, I have already sent 3 items via XEND successfully and with this I’ll like to share with you my experiences. I only heard of Xend when I started looking for a cheaper alternative to the big names in courier services (e.g.. LBC, Air21) since I only need to send them in Metro Manila. The first time I used LBC, I was charged around PHP 140 to send a small envelope and I told myself, I could have just opted for the meet-up option instead of paying for that. And from that, I discovered Xend.

Xend Express is a budget courier that offers Domestic, Provincial (via LBC) and International Deliveries (via UPS). The minimum cost to do a domestic delivery is only PHP 50 or more if you want to insure your item.

So how does Xend Express Works?

If you want an item to be delivered, you have to schedule a pick-up with Xend. Yes, they do not have branches where you can go and drop your item but instead, they will go to you and pick up the item. In a way it can be convenient and inconvenient at the same time. Convenient because all you have to do is wait and inconvenient because you don’t really know what time they will arrive at your place.

So let’s start… I would advise that you create an online account at their website so it would be easier to transact with them. You can schedule pick-ups via phone calls but doing it online is easier.


Now that you have an account, it is time to Schedule a Pickup via Xend Online.

Xend Express - Schedule A Pickup

There are only three steps if you want to schedule. Take note of the guidelines to the right.

  1. Select pick-up date
  2. Select your address
  3. Add any instructions / comments (limited to 100 characters) (e.g. please come in the morning, text me if you are there)

After that, you will have to wait for the person to pick-up your item.

Xend Pick-up Process

Once someone from Xend arrives at your place, you can now start the transaction with him. He will fill up a waybill which contains the sender/receiver details and other details such as insurance, OR number, mode of payment and date/time of pickup. There would be four copies where two will go to the package, one for Xend and one for you. He will also write you a receipt for the transaction. These transactions usually just take 5-10 minutes and your item is now in their hands.

The waybill also contains a tracking number in which you can input into their website and see the status. However, the status updates are not real time; give or take 1 day delay.

So how was it? Pretty easy right?

Yes. It was really easy from creating a pick-up schedule and for the actual pick-up. My only problem here would be the timings on when they arrive because they can’t guarantee what time they would arrive within the day. They only have 1 person picking up items per area (e.g. Makati) so that would explain the delays.

However, there’s a solution for this if you are living in a condominium like me. You can request for the Xend person to give you blank waybills in which you can fill up in advance. Then you also need to leave cash to pay for the transaction. You can get an estimate on how much you need to pay on their website too (rate calculator).

In this way, you don’t need to wait for them personally but you can just leave these items in the lobby and tell them to give it to the Xend person when he arrives. I have not yet tried this method as I have just requested for blank waybills on my last transaction but in theory, it should work.

Just to add, there had been numerous complaints against XEND and that can be attributed to the recent weather disturbances in our country especially the floods. In fact, I was already considering going for another courier due to these complaints but in the end, the Xend guy arrived and I was able to send the item successfully.

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