Ziebart CarSavers Experience

Ziebart CarSavers Experience

Ziebart CarSavers

My car used to have two ugly “scratches” on the right side of the rear bumper. The first one was caused by our driver while parking it in the parking lot we used to rent. As he was parking the car in reverse, he “accelerated” and hit a nail that was protruding from a pillar. The second one was caused by me while also driving the car in reverse and I hit a small water tank (did not see it in the side mirrors and rear view mirror). So with these two damages on my car, I decided to have them repaired.

One website I found was Ziebart and since it was very near my place, I decided to give it a try. I did read some “negative” and “pricey” comments on some forums especially on this branch which made me hesitate but since I already want to have these damages repaired, I went and visited them.

When I got to Ziebarts, I went in their “lobby”. Actually I’m quite surprised that they have a lobby or receiving area. Their print-outs were computerized and it had this “casa” feel already. I have been to other shops that offer body repair too (while having my car washed) and usually their papers are handwritten. The place looked very professional and of course, with this kind of ambiance, I prepared myself for a “professional” price.

I talked to the first person I saw and she checked my car and gave me an estimate right away. PHP 3600. She said that the damages will be fixed (I don’t know how they will) and the whole rear bumper will be repainted. Because, I had no prior experience nor did any canvassing, I agreed to the price and started the repair process. Another person did some checks on my car with his super long checklist where he was checking lights, engine, scratches, dents, etc… After his checks, he gave me a copy and a claim and I was instructed to return 2 days later.

I returned 3 days later since I’m not available on afternoons and waited patiently for my car to be delivered in their “delivery place”. When I saw it again, I could not contain my excitement as it looked very shiny (I left it with them unwashed) and it looks like they washed it too. I quickly went to the back and touched the places where the damages used to be but they were gone. I double checked and triple checked the whole bumper and I could not see any problems at all. I was very happy! My car’s butt has been restored!

I happily paid, thanked them and went on my way. One satisfied customer! 🙂

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Ziebart Car Savers

Makati (Main Office)
2235 Don Chino Roces Ave.
(formerly Pasong Tamo St.)
Makati City
Tel : (632) 818-7777
Fax: (632) 818-2911

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