BPI Mobile Key Introduction and Usage

The BPI Mobile Key is a new innovation from BPI that serves as an alternative to the One Time Pin (OTP) when making online or mobile transactions.

  1. One Time Pin Refresher
  2. What is the BPI Mobile Key?
  3. How do you turn on the Mobile Key?
  4. How do you use the Mobile Key?

One Time Pin Refresher

One Time Pin sent via SMS

The one time pin has been around for a while now and it serves as a verification step to ensure that you are the one making the current transaction. For every transaction that you do such as transferring funds or paying bills, you will be sent a one time pin to your registered mobile phone. You will need to copy this number and input it online or via mobile for your transaction to push through.

This works really well but could have problems when there are delays in receiving the OTP due to poor signal. Long delays can cause the OTP to expire and you have to redo the transaction again. Enter, Mobile Key as an alternative.

What is the BPI Mobile Key?

The BPI Mobile Key allows you to verify your transaction via a pin code or biometrics (fingerprint or facial id). It still requires you to have your mobile phone with you just like the OTP. You need to be connected to the internet for the mobile key to work via push notifications.

How do you turn on your Mobile Key?

BPI Mobile Key Settings Page
BPI Mobile Key Settings Page
  1. Log in to the BPI Mobile app
  2. Go to Account Maintenance > Authentication. Turn on “Mobile Key.”.’
  3. Nominate a 6-digit PIN Code.
  4. Enter the One-Time PIN that you will receive.
  5. Optional Step – Turn on Biometrics

How do you use your Mobile Key?

Let us do a sample transaction to show you how the Mobile Key works. We do a bills payment transaction and we submit the request.

Screen shows that a Mobile Key has been sent to your device.
Screen shows that a Mobile Key has been sent to your device.
BPI Mobile – Push Notification for Mobile Key
You can approve via Biometrics or via your Mobile Key Pin
Review your Transaction before approving.

So that’s how it works.

Personally, I like it as it is very convenient and fast. This would be very helpful especially for those who are not in the Philippines but would like to transact through their BPI accounts. You should still be careful and review all transactions prior to approving.

Just like the One Time Pin, never share or give out your Mobile Key Pin. While the One Time Pin works only for a single transaction, the Mobile Key Pin will work for ALL TRANSACTIONs so never ever give it out.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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