BPI Mobile - TXN After Cut-off
BPI Mobile – TXN After Cut-off

Imagine my surprise to seeing a 10k deduction on my BPI account one Sunday morning and the description was “TXN AFTER CUT-OFF“.

Should you panic?

My first reaction was to do an inner panic where my brain creates the following scenarios:

  1. OMG I got scammed?! But where? When? Why?
  2. Is this a system glitch? How come this happened only now? Am I lucky or unlucky?
  3. Does BPI know about this? I need to call their hotline asap!
  4. How about Google? Is this an isolated case? Maybe it has happened to someone else?

Of all the scenarios, the first thing I did was to check Google and did a search to know more about it.

Define: TXN After Cut-off

I found out that “TXN After Cut-off” is a generic description used for all transactions that happens on a non-banking day (e.g. Holidays and weekends) or during evenings (I think around 10pm or so).

Let us take for example that you sent or received money on your account on a Sunday. If you check your account on Sunday then you would see “txn after cut-off” for that activity. You will see the updated details by Tuesday.

Here’s a snippet I got from BPI.

For purposes of dating my transactions, I understand that a bank cut-off time has been implemented. All transactions done before the designated bank cut-off will be posted to my account on the same day. Transactions after cut-off on a banking day or completed on a Saturday, Sunday or banking holiday will be posted on the next banking day.

BPI Transaction Code / Numbers

You can take a look at the numbers and description on your transactions to help you investigate / remember your activity.

Number / CodeDescriptionPossible Transactions
0331CREDIT MEMOInstapay Transaction
Incoming to you
05SISERVICE CHARGEDid you do a transaction on a non BPI ATM?
Interbank Fund Transfer

Incoming to you
1411ATM WITHDRAWALATM Transaction – Withdrawal

Outgoing from you

Incoming to you

Outgoing from you
BPI to Gcash (G-XCHANGE)
4348ELINK PAYMENTInterbank Fund Transfer
Remittance (Wire Transfers)
GCash Bank Transfer to your BPI Account
4445ELINK TRANSFERSaveup Auto Deduction

What can you do?

So to avoid panic, please take note of the following steps:

  1. Take note of the transaction amount
  2. Try to remember any transactions that you may have done from the last banking day to now. It doesn’t matter whether it is a debit or credit transaction.
  3. If you can remember that activity and it matches the amount on your account then you can rest easy as it will be updated by next banking day.
  4. However, if you cannot remember or you feel that there’s something wrong then you should contact BPI regarding your concern.

Based from my experience, I usually remember what transaction or activity I did so I do not panic anymore.

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19 replies on “BPI’s Mysterious TXN AFTER CUT-OFF”

I used my BPI card to another bank machine to withdraw my salary but can’t dispense cash and I check my online bpi account then I saw the deduction amount it was 3,900! what can I do and it appears to my online account TXN AFTER CUT-OFF

Hi i made a transaction on the atm machine but the atm did not dispense money then i check my online bpi banking it sayd debit memo txn after cut off but my available balance is still the same.. what does it mean?

Same issue happened to me on my special day. Just yesterday actually. The lady in the bar swiped my BPI card 4x and error occurred. Then I gave my other card BDO for her to charge me. To my surprised when I arrived home I automatically checked my BPI’s trasaction history says: TNX cut off of P1,163.90. This needs to be sort out with immediate effect. We are in 2017 almost welcoming 2018. Please do.



Hi what if my friend pass my 3200 and last friday night 10:07pm, then i just recieve 500 pesos tuesday 4:08pm and it says TXN AFTER CUT OFF. How about the remaining 2,700 will it be posted to my account next banking days ?

I transferred 1k to my other account which is bdo. And it was deducted in my bpi account, but I do not receive any 1k in my bdo account. And it says in bpi that txn after cut off, what should I do?

Might have been a problem with Instapay. Double check your BPI after a day to see if the changes were reversed or not. As for BDO, you may want to call their customer service if it doesn’t reflect within the day. Instapay should be instant though.

I’ve got the same problem right now. I’m thinking of a cut-off in their system given that it’s a friday and I transacted around 3:45 PM but I’m still a little bit worried. Is there a possibility that the funds are gonna reflect on my BDO account the next day after the transaction was made? Gahd, super gipit ko pa naman these days.

Hello how about i transfer bpi to gcash then it was successfully transfer . Amounting of 7800. It was 3455 code then monday sept 15. When it will be disbursed my money ?! Thanks in advanced

My experience last week is about paying grabfood thru my BPI instapay. Grab said there was no transaction made but as per transaction history and email confirmation, it was successful. I am thorned between unresponsive vendors right now.

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