Buffalo WCR-GN Router

Buffalo WCR-GN Router

Buffalo WCR-GN Router Review


After a year or so of inactivity and due to my Linksys Router dying, I just plugged this on and it got revived. It’s dead again.

I was looking for a router to use at home. At that time, I was only familiar with D-Link DIR 300 router. I was deciding if I should stay with D-Link or choose a much more cheaper brand. Well, the frugal me told me that they are all the same so just go with the cheapest one you could find.

I bought the Buffalo WCR-GN router (Wireless N150 Router, Access Point & Bridge). Here were its features (some were pretty basic):

  • up to 150Mpbs
  • has AOSS (Buffalo Airstation One-Touch Secure System) which allows me to connect my devices (e.g. Wii, phone)with a push of a button
  • has multiple security options (eg. WEP, WPA, WPA2)
  • very easy to setup
  • Admin location = [default password: User = root / pass = ]

So I set it up and a few minutes later, I’m now enjoying my new router with no issues.

Fast forward to a year later…

One day, I noticed that only the power and diag led were lit. Usually it would stay at this state for a few seconds while it is booting but this time, it got stuck there. I tried to do a hard reset (pressing that little button in the router) but to no avail. I also tried to do some power cycles but it wasn’t working.

Since it was still under warranty, I quickly took it back to the shop and after they examined it, they said that they will send it to Buffalo’s service center. After a few weeks, they gave me a brand new unit.

However, just months of usage, I experienced the same problem again. The warranty has already expired and when I called Buffalo’s service center, they want me to bring the unit to their office which was very far from my place so I opted to just put it back in the box and look for another router.

This is a common problem for this router and there’s no concrete solution but to ask for a replacement. 🙁

Buffalo WCR-GN stuck on Diag

Till next time,


PS: Buffalo WCR-GN is not supported by DD-WRT Firmware

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My nephew bought a refurbished one, and it died after a year and a half.

I picked up a refurbed WHR-HP-G300N, and it has been fine for almost two years (knock on wood). I have two refurbed WCR-GNs as backup, so I’m set for awhile :-D. Yeah, well, the refurb GNs were $10, and the G300 was $25.

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