Where do you Buy Gadgets Offline?

Where do you Buy Gadgets Offline?

Gadgets Offline

I’d like to ask this question as I don’t have much experience buying online and most my purchases are done offline.

With the emergence of a lot of online gadget shops, then why buy offline?

Personally, I just feel more secure and confident when buying offline because I can see the item immediately before me and I can sometimes haggle to get freebies (e.g. screen protector). Sometimes, we can also get lower prices due to that discount they offer on cash purchases.

I maintain a personal list on where I can buy gadgets and I’d like to share it with you.

3/F Glorietta 2 of (shops formerly located at Park Square)

Very close to home so I frequently go here to check prices of computer accessories, cellphones, appliances and if the price is right; I bring home something new.

All my routers came from here… sadly they are all dead now. Disclaimer: Not meant to bash the shops there.

SM Cyberzone (Megamall)

It has been in the SM Megamall branch where I have visited as I deem North Edsa to far from me. Whenever I’m looking for cellphones, I would immediately put cyberzone on top of my canvassing list. They do have a lot of shops that also sell computers.

My only problem would be the challenge to find a parking space here but it is very accessible via MRT. There are also Cyberzones in other SM Malls but I have been loyal to Megamall.

Greenhills Shopping Center (e.g Virra Mall)

This would be my alternative to Cyberzone although I usually go here for repairs and class A shoes lol . Shops here range from permanent locations for bigger brands and rotating kiosks for mostly 2nd hand / repair shops. It can get overwhelming with everyone calling for you as they all want to get you as their customer.

The good thing about that is you can use it to haggle for lower prices since competition there is very heavy! I once had my phone’s LCD replaced; and initially it was around PHP 1k up to 1.5k. In the end, I was able to get it for PHP 800.

I think that’s it for my list. Would you have other places to go for your gadget needs? Please do share them in the comments below.

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