Globe Telecoms Facebook and Twitter Customer Support

Need support on your Globe Account? Contact them via Facebook or Twitter.

Globe Telecoms Facebook and Twitter Customer Support

It’s nice to see companies using social media to reach out or provide support to their customers. You can usually find a Facebook Page and/or a Twitter account for that company. The Facebook Page generally offers information and updates. Companies offer limited support through their page and through messenger chat bots. I personally use Twitter as it enables me to connect to a person faster (and there’s less competition on concerns and complaints).

Currently, the Globe Customer Support on Twitter are limited on the following accounts:

For Facebook, you can reach them through the following pages:

Requirements / Supporting Documents

Usually when you talk to these support channels, they would be asking you for verification of info. Here’s a few examples:

  • Exact amount of Plan – Last payment made: a. amount b. payment channel c. mode of payment (cash/auto-debit) – Plan activation Year
  • Company name – Authorized representative’s name – Complete billing address

WATCHOUTS! Avoiding Phishing / Avoiding Scams

  • Always take caution when transacting or chatting with people online. Make sure that you are in contact with the real, validated and legitimate accounts and not fake accounts.
  • Validated accounts have a small blue check (Facebook) or a check inside a cloud (Twitter) right after their name
  • Do not click on links from emails, chat messages or text messages. It is best to type the address directly into your browser.
  • Please do not share passwords, one time pins or your credit card csc.

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