HDMI Switch by Vention

Vention HDMI Switch
Vention HDMI Switch

Say hello to my newly purchased HDMI Switch by Vention.

What is a HDMI Switch?

A HDMI Switch is a device that allows you to control which HDMI input or output to use at a certain time. This is different from a HDMI Splitter that allows you to output to multiple devices at the same time. This is bidirectional which means we can switch either input or output. I learned that there are switches that can only switch output but not input so it should be checked before purchasing.

HDMI Switch Unboxing

The device was wrapped in a light paper and packed into a customized insert inside the box. It comes with a manual and a warranty card.

There’s a button in the middle and two led lights that shows you which port is active. At the bottom are two female ports while at the top has one female port. It doesn’t need to be connected to a power source and it is plug and play. I was able to use it immediately after plugging in the cables.

Bidirectional Sample Uses

Imagine you have two input devices (PC and console) but only one TV with only one HDMI port. You would be unplugging and replacing the HDMI cable whenever you want to use the PC or the console. If you have a switch then you can connect both PC and console to the switch then the switch connects to the TV. You can now easily control which input you want to display.

With a bidirectional switch, you can have one input then have two devices to display that input on. You can now choose which display to use. I don’t have a specific scenario in mind for this setup though.

My Current Setup

Since our old but reliable television set only has one HDMI input slot, I needed to switch between two input sources namely my laptop (connected via DisplayPort) and a Roku Streaming stick (connected via HDMI) whenever I’m using them. I’m worried that the constant plugging and unplugging would cause future cable problems so this was my solution. I had to buy an additional HDMI cable to make it work though.

Where to Buy?

I bought this at Vention @ Shopee Mall. They are an overseas seller so it took about 10 days for it to arrive. I also got my DisplayPort to HDMI and an extra HDMI from them.

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