How do you pay your MMDA Ticket?

How do you pay your MMDA Ticket?

Were you recently flagged by an MMDA officer or MMDA enforcer for violating something and now you got a ticket? So what’s next?

This guide is only applicable to apprehensions by the MMDA team. If it is from a different government agency such as LTO, Police or LGU then it is possible that the procedure would be different.

There are several ways for you to pay for your MMDA Ticket Violation:

  1. Metrobank (not applicable anymore)
  2. MMDA Main Office
  3. Bayad Centers
  4. SM Bills Payment
  5. LBC
  6. GCash

Pay at Metrobank

(Dec 2018 Update – you cannot pay through Metrobank Anymore )

If there’s a Metrobank branch near you then that would be the easiest way to pay for your ticket.

  1. Proceed to the nearest Metrobank branch and get a PAYMENT SLIP.
  2. Company Name is MMDA
  3. Subscriber is your name
  4. Subscriber No. is your OVR No. – MMXX-XXXXXXX-X (sample format of an OVR No.)
  5. Proceed to the teller to deposit your payment.
  6. Keep your receipt and OVR for future references

Pay at the MMDA Treasury Division

You would need to settle this in person at the MMDA Office located at
MMDA Redemption Office
EDSA corner Orense Street, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City.

Make photocopies of your OVR and licenses and bring them just in case.

Pay via Bayad Centers

Please bring your OVR and fill up the bills payment form. Keep your receipt as proof of payment.

Pay via SM Bills Payment

Please bring your OVR and fill up the bills payment form. Keep your receipt as proof of payment.

Pay via LBC

Please bring your OVR and fill up the bills payment form. Keep your receipt as proof of payment.

Pay via GCash

MMDA Bills Payment via Gcash Initial Page

(Omit the M on your OVR Number to make it 11 characters only when paying)

How I got my MMDA Ticket?

I was recently flagged by MMDA because of two violations: (1) I entered the bus lane and (2) I unloaded in an area marked as “Loading Only“. The MMDA officer was waiting for me at the end to apprehend me.

I asked for my violation (even if I already knew what I did wrong) and gave up my driver’s license. This is a common misconception about MMDA because they actually cannot confiscate your license unless you have major offenses (e.g crime; reckless driving). They only need your driver’s license so that they could copy your info and write it in the ticket that they will give to you. After that, they will return your license with your OVR (ordinance violation receipt).

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16 replies on “How do you pay your MMDA Ticket?”

Hi – paying via gcash. But it’s asking me for a ticket no. with 11-digits. Is it pertaining to the OVR No that starts with MM but only has 10 digits?

Hi Allen! I just checked MMDA’s Twitter and saw that GCASH is now allowed as a payment option. “Good morning, correction po allowed na po ang pag babayad ng inyong violation sa GCash. #mmda” posted Feb 10, 2019. Would you know how this is done? Similar question to Mi’s actually. Thanks!

MMDA ticket has 12 digits. Gcash is asking for 11 digits….

I saw a guys receipt paid from SM bayad center and his receipt has 11 digits. SM bayad center removed the ” M ”

example MMDA ticket. OVR# MM34567*****

Here’s what I saw from the guys receipt. M34567*****

Can somebody confirm if we should remove the M when paying through GCASH?

Thank you for confirming. It’s my first time going in Edsa and this blue guy just popped out of nowhere like a genie and told me beating the red. The light went green and after 3 seconds just went orange to red. I cant stop in the middle of the intersection so I did not stop and a magic enforcer appeared on my left side stopping me. Anyway thank you for the reply. I appreciate it.

Would like to settle payment through GCASH. However GCash is asking for the Ticket number and clearance fee. For the ticket number, may I know how can I provide the 11 digits? I am seeing this my OVR slip, OVR No. PS 834***.
For clearance fee, do I need to select ‘for 30 Pesos additional fee”? Or no clearance fee?
My violation is disregarding traffic sign with fine of P150.

Appreciate help please. Thank you.

I have the same problem in paying my violation thru GCash which requires the 11 digits of the ticket number but only 7 digits written on it. My violation was disregarding traffic violations which I accepted it was my fault.

Hi ask ko lang if pano ko makapag pay about dun sa violations ko? Nawala ko kasi yung ticket na binigay sakin before.

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