How to apply for a SSS Digital ID?

How to apply for a SSS Digital ID?


Last Friday, I applied for a SSS ID because it is one of the requirements for our travel to China. Actually, I was forced to get one because due to the horror stories before of the hassle and frustrations in applying for one, I didn’t bother doing it. So anyway, let me retell on how I was able to apply for a SSS Digital ID? (I still do not have the ID because I need to wait around 2-3 months before they can mail it but at least I have done my part).

    1. Download the E6 Form at the SSS Website. Fill it up and sign it (Employee ID is not a required field).
    2. Have your E6 form verified and validated at any SSS Branch.

This is an optional step but if you can do this then you will not line up anymore at the SSS Diliman branch for them to do the same to your E6 form. So this can be a time saver step.

  1. Go to SSS Diliman Branch as early as you can. When I got there at around 6:45am, there was already a long line waiting for me.
    • If you were able to do step 2, you can go to counter 39 to get your photo capture schedule.
    • If you were not able to do step 2, you will need to go to counter 3 to get a number then wait for your number to be called so that they will do step 2 for you and give you your photo capture schedule.
  2. You have now done your part and you can return again to SSS when it is time for your scheduled photo capture (mine was scheduled at the end of June)

However, in my case, since I was rushing to get my ID or even just a certificate that would state that I already have done the photo capture and was just waiting for my card, I went to the counter for Taiwan Bound persons (I was China bound but they still entertained me).

I explained to them my situation and they changed my schedule for the photo capture to be on that day itself. Also, in order for me to get the certificate, I need to present to them evidence that I’m going out of the country and where a SSS ID card is needed for the visa.

After finishing the photo capture and the submission of the evidence, I was able to get the certificate after a few minutes.

Optional Steps:

I don’t know if this would help but I also registered at the online SSS website @ ( and printed a page that says, “Member is qualified for a SSS card“.

So anyway, there you have it…

Total Time Spent on SSS – 5 hours!!!

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you need to bring some IDs (passport, driver’s license, PRC Card are the top ID where if you bring only one of them, you will have no problem)… however you can also bring other supporting documents that has your picture on it.

i want to apply for a SSS ID but i need it before monday for my DFA APPEARANCE for renewal of my passport, is that possible? i’m dead!

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