How to do a Plantronics Headset Firmware Update?

Plantronics Hub Interface - Plantronics Headset

I recently learned that we can update the firmware of a Plantronics headset and it was very easy to do.

I saw an announcement at work telling us to check our headsets and update the firmware if available. As an obedient employee, I followed and review the instructions on how to do it. A few minutes later, I have successfully updated my headset’s firmware. This post will be specific to Plantronics headsets only.

Update via Plantronics Hub Desktop

Updating via the Plantronics Hub is the easiest way to do this. It is a support software released by Plantronics / Poly to support their headsets and works on both Windows (7, 8, 10) and Mac OS (10 and above).

You can download it from this link and then install it like any application.

Once you run the software, it will automatically detect your headset and check for updates. Just click on update and it will proceed to download and install the new firmware.

The next thing you should do is to unplug your Plantronics Headset then plug it in again. Windows (in my case) will detect this as a new hardware and it will load the appropriate drivers for it. That’s it. Enjoy your newly updated headset.

Official Instructions as Plantronics Website

You can update the firmware on your headset (if applicable) by downloading Plantronics HUB software on your Win/Mac computer. Connect the headset via the included USB cable and click on the “Notifications” tab, you will be notified if there are updates available for your headset, or you can also click on the “Check for Updates” option.

Update via Plantronics Hub Mobile

Plantronics Hub also has a version for Android and IOS devices and it can be used to do this as well. However, the headsets it supports are fairly limited as it needs to connect to them via Bluetooth or wireless.

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