How to enroll to Meralco Online?

How to enroll to Meralco Online?

Meralco Online Dashboard

A few years ago, I failed to pay my Meralco Bill on time. As a consequence, I had to pay it in person at a Meralco Payment Center as other payment methods won’t accept overdue bills. The experience taught me to find a way to do this online and I found Meralco Online.

Meralco Online

Meralco Online is an online gateway that allows you to manage your account. You can view and pay bills, view or report outages and apply for service. You may access it through this link.

Creating a new account

To Register for a new account, you would need to provide the following information.

Default RequirementsEmail Address
Mobile Number
Service ID Number
If you have a meralco billTotal KWH from any of your bills from the past 2 months
Bill Date from any of your bills from the past 2 months
If you don’t have a meralco billBill Deposit Amount
Payment Date

After you submit your details; a new account will be created for you and you would need to check your email to confirm your newly created account.

How To Enroll to Billing Notifications via Email?

Click on your name at upper right side on the screen and select my profile. Proceed to the Notification Settings tab. Tick all entries where you want to be emailed on.

Meralco Online New - Subscribe to Email Billing Notifications

You would start to receive email notifications on your next billing cycle.

Meralco Online New - Email Bills Notification
Sample of an email billing notification

How to pay your Meralco Bill Online?

The Meralco Online website allows you to pay your bill via credit card. You can pay the current amount from your statement or you can pay in advance. You can pay in three (3) steps.

  1. Bills Selection – Select which month / bill to pay if current or select pay in advance for advance payment
  2. Input Payment Details – Enter your credit card details. There’s a PHP 47 convenience fee being charged for each transaction. The convenience fee has been temporarily suspended until further notice.
  3. Review Payment – Review your payment and pay. The details will be sent to your email address.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

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