Comelec’s Voter Verification and Precinct Finder

How to know if you are in Comelec’s list of Official Voters?

Have you registered yet as a voter? If not then I would really suggest that you register so that you can exercise your right to vote.

For those who have registered already, the next to do is to verify your information at Comelec.

Ways to do Voter Verification?

Comelec Site Visit

You can go to the local Comelec site nearest you to have your verification. However, be mindful that they cater to many things so you need to be patient in line. However, an alternative would be to do the verification online instead.

Comelec Precinct Finder

Comelec Voter Verification - Precinct Finder
Voter Verification

You can check out your data online via these websites. Try the official site first before you go to the mirror sites.

Currently none of these websites are working. Perhaps they are updating their database since voter’s registration is ongoing.

Site NameDescription
Precinct Finder by ComelecOfficial website of Comelec

Not working as per Aug 2020 checking.
Find your PrecinctMirror by GMA (used in 2016 elections)

Not working as per Aug 2020 checking.

I can’t find my name! Why?

If you are a registered voter and but the website doesn’t return results, do not panic. Double check your entries. Make sure that you have spelled your name and you have not made a typo in your date of birth.

I noticed that this form doesn’t have any wildcard searching but it relies on exact matches on your name. So “M.a” is different from “Maria”. It should be the exact name, no more no less.

To quote the website, here is something else you can do
If you think your registration record should be active, and this SEARCH facility gives you a negative result, please verify with the local COMELEC Office where you are registered. You may also send an e-mail to the regional office or provincial office which has jurisdiction over your city/municipality of registration.

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well, the problem is COMELEC spelled my name wrongly. i’m wondering how many people had a hard time finding their names because COMELEC misspelled their names.

Thanks for the share. I saw this in the news but I forgot to look into this. Tomorrow is the big day. I pray for a peaceful, fair and honest election.

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