Importance of Credit Card Charge Slip and our ShopWise Problem

Importance of Credit Card Charge Slip and our ShopWise Problem

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Two days ago, my mother called me up asking me why are we being charged at a higher amount for our installment of the LG Scarlet LH70 bought last July. She said that if she would multiply by 12 the amortization, the resulting amount would be around PHP36,000 which is not the agreed amount of PHP 29990.

We looked for our receipt and it clearly said stated the value of PHP 29,990 so my sister went back to shopwise and argued with them. She said that when we bought this TV, we asked if we could get a BPI 0% on this for the price of PHP29, 990 and the salesman agreed. However, they kept on denying that fact and won’t honor any refund etc.

Our problem now is how can we prove on the agreed price before because the charge slip (customer’s copy) was already redeemed for a pizza in the BPI promo. We have no proof but the receipt, ourselves and our memory that indeed it happened. We are very disappointed and my mother said that we will cancel the installment plan and just pay it in full. Because of that, our total payment for this television would go up to around PHP32,000 (already with pre-termination free of the installment) but that is less than what shopwise wanted us to pay.

A little background of the pricing of LG Scarlet LH70 LCD TV.

The suggested retail price of this TV is usually PHP 39,990 and sometimes, merchants give a promo of offering it only for PHP 29990 if the payment is made straight (credit card one shot) or in cash.

Lessons Learned

We will now accept this as a new learning that we should always keep a back-up of our charge slip and receipts especially when we have not seen those charges in our credit card statement. In this way, we can complain and have the corresponding evidence to fight back, else, we won’t have any proof just like what happened to us.

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I have charged my purchases with my CC but the charge slips were lost already. I am afraid it would happen to me also. Hope not. Next time I will keep my charge slip in a safer place.

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