Linksys WRT54GH SpeedBurst Mini WiFi Router

Linksys WRT54GH SpeedBurst Mini WiFi Router

Linksys WRT54GH SpeedBurst Mini WiFi Router

When my buffalo router died for the 2nd time, I was again looking for a new router. Gladly, my father gave me this router which he got as a freebie in one of his purchases.

Similarly to the buffalo router, setup was a breeze. I was up and running in a few minutes.

Admin Location – [Default Password: Username – / password – admin]

Nearly a year of usage, I encountered a terrible issue just days ago. It would constantly die then to revive itself a few seconds later (power cycling?). This was very frustrating because whatever I was working on would be cut because I have lost connection. I initially thought that this was due to a power issue so I moved it to another outlet but I’m still getting the same issue.

I tried looking at the net for solutions but to no avail. I tried to do a hard reset. One of the suggestions was to do a firmware upgrade but the router wouldn’t stay powered until I can keep the administrator screen.

As much as possible, I’d like to rule out over usage as our D-Link router was also used to staying on for days but as of today, it still works.

Oh well, back to the box with you.

Till next time,


PS: Linksys WRT54GH is not supported by DD-WRT firmware

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