New MMDA Illegal Parking Fines as of Jan 2019

New MMDA Illegal Parking Fines as of Jan 2019


As an avid follower of Gadget Addict Facebook Page; I have learned more about the day to day operations that the MMDA have doing in order to alleviate our traffic woes in Metro Manila. Recently, the fees for Illegal Parking has increased and I’m very happy about this news.

Clearing the streets of cars that are illegally parked is one of the tasks that the MMDA has focused on. People have gotten used to parking on the streets because of many reasons such as no parking space, lazy to walk from parking lot to destination or just too stingy to pay for parking. Due to this the roads suffer and traffic increases.

Through the enforcement of MMDA; people who get caught were either towed (if unattended) or given tickets. However, the fees were too small that it was comparable to the parking fees being charged by parking buildings. To give a better perspective; please see this table comparing the old and new fees for illegal parking.

ViolationOld FineNew Fine
Attended Illegal ParkingPHP 200PHP 1000
Unattended Illegal ParkingPHP 500PHP 2000
Road ObstructionPHP 150PHP 1000

If left unattended, a vehicle can be fined again after three (3) hours which would double your fees. Now this is a steep price and a costly lesson to those who have made the roads their parking lot. Kudos to MMDA for this initiative and I hope and pray that these fees would be put to good use.

In case you get caught; please know where you can settle your fees. (Metrobank no longer supported).

Please continue to support MMDA and Gadget Addict!

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