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How to solve Nokia N73 Memory Too Low Delete Some Data?

How to solve Nokia N73 Memory Too Low Delete Some Data?

Have you been using your phone, Nokia N73 or Nokia N73 Music Edition and suddenly got the error, “Memory Too Low Delete Some Data Solution“? Well, it happened last week to my couzin and he searched high and low for the answer and after minutes of searching, he managed to solve the issue.

Since the problem arrived, he noticed that he cannot send text messages. Everytime he tries to send a message, he gets the error message, Memory Too Low Delete Some Data Solution. (Poor guy can’t reply to his girl hehe)

The cause of the problem is simple. The phone is using too much Phone Memory. Note that cellular phones has two types of “memory” in them. The phone (internal) memory and the memory card (external memory). So what was done to solve the problem was to let the phone use the memory card instead of the phone memory.

Simple Steps on how to do it:

  • Go to Message Settings
  • Go to Other
  • Change the memory usage to use memory card

It will then work after that.

Of course this is all the solution to the problem, Nokia N73 can’t send messages, so I will add this too so that I can rank for this keyword phrase too.

More N73 Memory Low Solutions in the comments.

From Wacko,

menu -> applications -> log -> settings -> (if your log duration is 30 days) change it to 10 days or 1 day

From Chetan,

I’ve been having this problem a lot of late.

** Solution 1: (this is wat is working for me currently)

hey guys
i have nokia n73 and i have the same problem, it happened sometimes
here is what you have to do:
1) switch off the phone
2) remove sim-card and memory card
3) switch on the phone
4) switch it off
5) reinsert the cards
6) switch it on again


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Hi.. I have the same problem, checked in the File manager and found tat there are no files in the phone memory. Deleted almost all my messages (Inbox, Sent and Outbox) and still Im getting the message 🙁

If I change the setting to Memory Card for the messages (as said in your post) I find that N73 is taking almost close to 30 seconds to send the message 🙁

Is there any other solution??? And why is this not shown in the File manager?? Wld appreciate if you could mail me the details as I dont have access to many websites from my office….



Keerthis last blog post..1

hi i hope after litsening my prob u ll do something…..m having d same prob lyk….m unable to open any application lyk gallery,camera etc neither msgs r sending or receiving,,,,its lyk my phone has blocked…..d error which came is not enough memory cant perform d function delete some data…..i removed memory card sevral tymz n restartd too,…bt same error…my phone is on memory card,,,,n has 2 gb space bt i js used 451 mb still its showing d error plz help me its urgent…..

Nokia N73 Memory Too Low Delete Some Data Solution:

I scoured the net, called my Service Provider Vodafone, and called Nokia help (Whom are absolutey SH*T in their support) it goes thru to a call centre in Europe of the Asia Pacific rim (Not India, thank god!) I never got thru to Nokia Tech Help the customer advisor that picks up puts you thru and it rings and rings… I did this at work and it rang for 20 mins – So be warned!! Vodafone are useless too especially if you get a dozey cow called Wendy to help you… USELESS!!
The above option of changing messages to memory card actually WORKS!!! For those who say its slow to send a messag it does not appear to happen to me, but like anything that holds storage, the more you put on the slower it WILL get, the N73 is slow anyway, accept that fact and you’ll be ok!!
So to repeat what you need to do to stop that annoying message of “Nokia N73 Memory Too Low Delete Some Data” is to go into:
MENU OPTIONS then select/click on MESSAGE select/click on OPTIONS (Bottom left of screen if Vodafone) then scroll down to SETTINGS click/select that then scroll down to OTHER then scroll down to MEMORY IN USE click/select that and choose CARD MEMORY as the first post states, IT WORKS!!
Now I’d rather a SLOW working phone that a phone that does not work at ALL!! So anyone moaning about slowness go and PAY to get it fixed then!

JEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! Man! You’re a life saver!!! I deleted all the things in my phone and all but it didnt work. NOW THIS ONE IS A REAL PROBLEM SOLVER. Love the solution, man!

in my cell phpne ,i install any softwere on memory card and i can see that softwere and i can use from that
but if i off my cell phone and then on it ,any installd softwere cancelled and i cannot see softwere in applications
but i havenot this problem about images and muzic and video

Hi, I am having the same Prob of LoW Memory. i tried changing my msg to memort card, still its not working, i am not able to receive any new msgs too.. i have del all my msgs from INBOX,SENT itemss… plz help….

same, error too. last time i find in net, ask to hard reset all but copy first the address. but now cant find the site

I’ve been having this problem a lot of late.

** Solution 1: (this is wat is working for me currently)

hey guys
i have nokia n73 and i have the same problem, it happened sometimes
here is what you have to do:
1) switch off the phone
2) remove sim-card and memory card
3) switch on the phone
4) switch it off
5) reinsert the cards
6) switch it on again

** Solution 2:

1) Download & install on ur phone: jbtaskman ( and Y-browser/FExplorer/or/X-Plore
2) open jbtaskman ; goto: tools>processes, then type “lifeblog” and terminate every thing named “lifeblog”
3) Then open y-browser and delete C:\DATA\lifeblog\Database (u can delete or rename the folder)

Quote: “Everytime I experience Memory Low issue i just go renaming and deleting — no need to reset the phone even.”

All the best!

I have Nokia N73 non music edition. Am facing a problem recently came accross. Am unable to delete a message in the OUTBOX which was not debing sent by the cell to the recepient due to what sover reason.

Help me. How to remove that message instance. It always displaying SENDING. It is neither being sent nor going away from the OUTBOX.

Reply me to the email address as mentione below:

Thanks in advance.

how to delete data from my nokia N77. I can’t read and type txt messages due to full memory of my phone. my memory card is not yet full.

I am having trouble deleting emails from my n73. Even if I select delete the header, sender etc will still show and will not completely delete so this takes up memory on the phone. Any body know the answer to this? If so PLEASE HELP!

I cant install jbtaskman itself in N73. It shows low memory to install. can any one tell me the solution.

Thanks in advance,
Karthie 🙂

Hey hi,
I too got this problem, even worse.
When I changed the settings to receive messages into memory card, I could get them and send them for a while and after some time the problem got repeated.
Then I used to switch the phone off and then switch it on. But still the same problem occurred after sometime

The ultimate solution for this is to format your phone.
Back up your phone data to a computer using NOKIA PC SUITE and then follow these steps.

1. Switch on your Nokia phone

2. Now Press following key sequence *#7370#

3. Press left soft key “YES”

4. Enter Default lock code is 12345. (If you have changed key, enter that)

5. Connect to the computer and restore all the backup files to your phone.

Now, your phone will be free of that problem.
If the problem persists, contact NOKIA Customer care.

Please Note: The Above Nokia Phone Formatting method will erase all your Phone data. So do backup before proceeding for Formatting

** Solution 1: (this is wat is working for me currently)

hey guys
i have nokia n73 and i hAD the same problem,
here is what you have to do:
1) switch off the phone
2) remove sim-card and memory card
3) switch on the phone
4) switch it off
5) reinsert the cards
6) switch it on again


You may want to try the following.. i have same problem and it works well with my n73.

goto menu -> applications -> log -> settings -> clear log then set the log duration to shorter period i.e. 10 or 1 day ->restart you phone.

Trust this helps.

Halo..Can check with you when i want to operate the video clip then it display message like this [Not enough memory to perform operation. Delete some data first]. May i know that what the problem of my phone? Although i already delete my game and message still the same message will appear once i operate any function. Please help to solve this problem. thanks..

I am facing the problem of memory too low for my N73 music edition.
My phone memory is shown as ‘0 bytes free’ and my msg memory is selected as memory card.
I tried to update the phone but cant create a backup coz of ‘Memory too full’ to do anythin.
I have also deleted my calendar entries, notes etc. to free up space but nothin is helpin.
Pls help me solve this issue.

Good, your fix works. But in my case, that was just a workaround.

The real problem was associated with the report messages.

If you are like me, I like to activate every option that gives me information. This also gives me headaches from time to time. So, I found that I had a lot of message reports stored, consuming almost 40 MB of my phone memory.

To solve the problem,

1) go to Messaging, and select “Reports” (is the next item after “Outbox”). This folder must be empty. If it isn’t, just select “Options” and “Clear deliv reports”.

2) ensure that you are not receiving delivery reports. At the Messaging and the folder screen, select “Options” and “Settings”. Enter into “Text message” and scroll down to the “Receive report” option. It must be set to “No”.

I hope this help you.

Kind regards,

I’m a one the Nokia N-73 user,I am facing problem that my phone memory went to full so that i had remove SIM card and Memory card then restarted again Switch off and inserted the both item then restared but still phone not getting started I”M GETTING MESSAGE THAT “PHONE START-UP FAILED>CONACT YOUR RETAILER.”
Any Know the solution please answer me.

Low memory problem?
Do you use your phone for browsing?
Then you should try clearing the browser cache.
Open the web browser, Options > Advanced Options > Clear Cache.
Then check your Phone Memory usage. It will be considerably lower now. Mine went down from 44MB to 20 MB.

my way:
1) install nokia pc suite in your computer
2) get back up for your mobile
3) restore this back up on your phone
good luck..

Second solution provided Chetan really worked for me. Thank you very much chetan.

I did one extra step there. After removing my Sim and memory card, I started my phone, checked phone gallery and message’s sent. I had old MMS laying around in my phone memory. Those were holding my phone memory too.

hi friend pls help me by giving a solution….
every time it showing memory full delete some data i had formatted my mobile and card still it seems same i can’t apply any application like themes can’t even a song in my n73

the only solution to solve thisproblem is to format your phone.ı havee tried and solved this problem good luck!!!

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