Virus / Malware Removal

How to Remove Monder Trojan Virus?

For the past two days, I have been having a hard time with my computer because I got infected with a virus. Here is a pic that shows Kaspersky Antivirus detecting it. After spending a lot of time researching on how to remove it, I finally found the solution so I would like to share […]


How to solve Could not perform start of Disc-at-once message from Nero?

Updated with Solution. Today, I was trying to burn some of my anime and movies because I’m running out of space but I couldn’t do so because of this error, “Could not perform start of Disc-at-once“.


Synergy Global International – Who?

Disclaimer:: This post is about my own personal experience from a person who tried to deceive me into joining just to get my money. There is a need to stop deception in invites and deliver the facts straight without making up lies. To those who are able to do just that, more power to you. […]

Technical Tutorials and Solutions

How to solve Nokia N73 Memory Too Low Delete Some Data?

How to solve Nokia N73 Memory Too Low Delete Some Data? Have you been using your phone, Nokia N73 or Nokia N73 Music Edition and suddenly got the error, “Memory Too Low Delete Some Data Solution“? Well, it happened last week to my couzin and he searched high and low for the answer and after […]


Learning about switching DNS – Name servers

Learning about switching DNS – Name servers   One of the troubles in transferring your blog/website to a new host is updating the domain name servers of your new location. For example, your domain currently goes to the ip address 123.456.78.90 and upon switching to a new webhost, you will get a new address. You […]